Monzo now has a breakdown cover offer!

A message I posted 2 days ago (in a different topic) is still ‘awaiting approval’

I’ve had it pop up maybe three times now maybe. Always seems to be when I have a particularly lengthy post or have a table in it

I’ve had it twice when I’ve linked to the same Monzo page :man_shrugging:

I mean it’s great, but the £5 cover (basic version) should be free to customers with Premium and then the option of paid upgrades

Wouldn’t do much to get them profitably if they were funding people’s breakdown cover

The trouble is of course that could be said for any aspect of the service so is a bit of a moot point. It would just have to have been built into the monthly sub, so would have been perfectly possible to do on premium. Monzo negotiates a significantly discounted rate from the RAC as they’re sending business to them, they build this cost into the sub, they can then advertise “Monzo premium with FREE breakdown cover” it’s not difficult, they just chose not to do it that way which is perfectly fine, but not impossible at all. If they were being cheeky and thought it wouldn’t deter customers they could even get the cover for £3.50 pm from the RAC and effectively charge customers £4, which then would directly help the drive to profitability. I don’t think anyone is suggesting Monzo should pay for people’s cover. The profitability would come from the increased take up of the premium account, so perhaps research has suggested it isn’t enough of a hook to do that.

I would disagree. Not everyone drives and needs the cover. I would resent having to pay more to subsidise others given that I don’t drive.

I drive and don’t need breakdown cover, so I also disagree.

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I mean you could apply that theory to most offers and perks they give. Not everyone needs phone cover or travel insurance.

I’m not saying the Monzo Premium cost should be more, it should just be included as standard with maybe an alternative for non drivers.

Do you run a business?

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I received an email about this today.

The first time I’ve had one about a new offer if I remember correctly. I hope they do this with them all going forward.


Glad you like it!


and therein lies the problem… everyone wants Monzo to be what they want it to be and that just isn’t possible

Other banks dont’ offer an alternative to breakdown cover if you don’t drive. If the package you want for the other benefits includes breakdown cover you take it and don’t use it. FTR Lloyds AA package covers the account holder regardless of what car they are in. This can be useful if you’re travelling with someone who doesn’t have breakdown cover


Also, of course, the naïveté of “just including” it probably pushes the base Plus offering into losses per customer so neither bank nor non-driving customer end up happy.


I’m sure also the “negotiating deals” and contracts factor changes significantly for Monzo if it’s a difference between “Hey, RAC can we have a discount deal for our customers for a bit?” to “Hey RAC, we want to provide all our customers with cover, but you need to charge us rather them then directly”.

It feels like a nicer way to get to a “build your own” model, that Plus V1 tried to do, if not doing it in the same way.