Monzo NOT On Credit Report

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Monzo report to Noddle

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Well that’s the point of this thread - whether Monzo not reporting to other agencies might affect your report negatively.

Your Noddle score won’t decrease because they do report. It’s not a negative to have a bank account.

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I agree the score isn’t what companies see but generally it’s not a terrible way to see if your report has gotten better or worse. It’s much more manageable for the majority of people than raw data which is hard to decipher.

I hate the whole system anyway. It’s probably one area we should just nationalise (haha) and have one agency with free access to all as at the end of the day it’s all YOUR data. It’s stupid that your future and your chances can potentially rest on one of three private firm’s accounts of your data


I’d say the point was more to keep your old account open - Even if Monzo reported to all 3, but you closed all your old accounts, it would still be seen as a negative to have such a short amount of time with your open accounts.

At least… that’s what they seem to advise!


I was aware what the point of this thread was - you just decided to pick holes in what I wrote and interpret things I did not say. I never said anything about it being negative to have a bank account, I just observed that my credit score had not decreased as a result of having Monzo.

I’ve deleted my posts now.

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I know… I think you have misunderstood me. I’m fully aware that others appear on all three, it’s just Monzo that doesn’t.

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Wow. Well, a slightly angry response there, but it’s quite your right to do so I suppose…

My response really was… well yes, Noddle will not decrease because Monzo report to them. Which you knew, so I don’t fully understand why it’s surprising/worthy of note that you haven’t seen a decrease - you wouldn’t.

The fact that someone previously has seen a decrease with an agency that Monzo do not report to is the interesting thing and the one we are primarily focusing on in this thread.

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Very true. I suppose that would be the same for anyone switching banks to anyone else really so it’s quite normal.

What would be good to know is how normal it is to have no record of a bank account at all (as would be the case for a full Monzo person on 2/3 of the agencies that are searched). Maybe it makes no difference?


Good point!

I guess that’s part of the reasoning behind the “length of time” criteria for CRA’s - It shows you aren’t a serial switcher for bribes etc.

As long as you keep just one legacy account open that you’ve had for 10 years plus, the worst it’ll be is a 5 year average, which I doubt makes any difference to 25 years.

It’s probably the less than a year/1/2 year average which causes a slight negativity.


Oh, it does!

My wife’s credit score PLUMMETED, when we married (lol).

Not because of our connection, but because the banks seemingly didn’t update their systems.

On Experian, it went from the very top, to right at the bottom.

She had a Monzo account that had been opened in her married name, which was obviously not showing.


While I’m not a huge fan of having your tax ID number attached to your credit report (like your SSN in the US or SIN in Canada), it does stop a lot of problems of mixed up credit reports, finding credit reports of those who’s names have changed etc.

Interestingly the UK is one of the few countries I’m aware of that even reports bank accounts to the main credit reference agencies. In Canada, only overdrafts that have gone into collections are ever reported to your credit report and in the US they have a credit reference agency specifically for bank accounts and bad cheques but again they only report negative information.

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Mine is showing on noddle. No overdraft.

It isn’t showing on experian which is a concern.

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It won’t, monzo only report to noddle.


Monzo only report to TransUnion. Noddle is a service which reports the TransUnion credit file

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I am glad i read this, i was getting worried why experian doesn’t show it., also explains why i couldn’t validate my .gov account with experian against monzo. Have Monzo said when they are reporting to all agencies?

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Wanna know what’s hilarious? I always used to accidentally call CallCredit, TransUnion. Now they’ve changed their name so my mistakes are actually correct! Thank you, CallCredit :slight_smile:

How strange, given most countries don’t put current accounts on credit reports at all, I didn’t think it would matter in most credit scoring models.


I’m not sure if it’s just her that had the issue, or if it’s commonplace amongst women who marry and change their name.

But on her Experian file now, it only has one insurance product (it’s the only thing she’s taken out in her married name).

So according to Experian, she literally has no other credit history (no past finance agreements, credit cards, current accounts etc).


Is it not possible for her to get in touch with Experian to see if they could merge her credit report, or leave a notice to inform lenders to also search her under her maiden name?

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There seem to be two issues here, neither is related to gender or martial status thankfully (that would be a massive equalities issue).

One, the name change. This definitely messes up British credit reports. When I changed my name only Experian managed to pull over closed accounts that were under my birth name. This was by deed poll so the type of name change doesn’t seem to matter.

Two, missing current data. Unless she has no credit cards or anything, bank account should be one of the less important report items. As long as she’s changed her name on them, even old accounts should correctly report. Is there anything about her name that could cause issues? For example, Equifax is missing most of my accounts as I use the gender-neutral title Mx where possible. Equifax doesn’t report accounts with Mx for title.


It means bad mortgage rates :wink: