Monzo node-red integration

Now that we have IFTTT integration, would you be kind enough to consider node-red integration as well, for those of us how like the flexibility and privacy of self hosted trigger flows? :slight_smile:


For the interim does this not bridge the gap ?

Thanks for the pointer, but I don’t use IFTTT, and prefer the privacy offered by self hosting.

Node-red looks interesting. Have you tried using the Monzo api with it?

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I’m going to bump this thread as the only way to draw attention to it in the hope that someone at Monzo will respond to the idea of node-red integration. - thanks :nerd_face:

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Might be a nice idea for #monzotime!

Moving this into the ideas forum to get it the proper attention!

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Surely you would just add this in yourself, theres ways to connect to oauth2 apis through node-red even without ifttt?

or just setup a webhook listener for your node-red and add it to your monzo api ? Then trigger what you want? :slight_smile:

I could do all sorts of things in many many ways, but that’s not what I’m looking for here.

I’m looking for node-red integration. That means a Monzo node-red node that can be installed in the palette manager and full of lovely features that can be used in flows the node-red way.

Hope it’s not a long wait then, might be small user base so not on near future! Fingers crossed it happens ! :slight_smile:

Hi! I am currently developing a node-red node, I am in the process of getting it through npm… It is on github (still in development) under the name of node-red-contrib-monzo


A few days from this post it should be up and running, I will also apply to get it added to the node-red official list so you can just download it from the palette

Okay we have it up and running!


any issues message me here or on GitHub.

It is also now on the node-red website

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you will also find it in the palette

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