Monzo no longer allows large bank transfers at weekends

We don’t publicise the limits involved here for financial crime reasons.


Which is reasonable

But saying “some larger transactions cannot be authorised at the weekend” in the help article would be a start


I know you all know this page but I think it’s important to highlight here that in no way does it give any information about weekday only instructions.

An app based bank should behave differently I personally believe than a bricks and mortar bank.


This is looking more and more like the banking ‘get out of jail free’ card. Again, not related to you personally or Monzo specifically but these regulations that allow banks to withhold relevant or important information from customers who put their entire finances and trust with them really suck. We all understand some things can’t be said, no one’s so naive to think otherwise, but it is becoming what looks like the ‘computer says no’ stock answer in banking for “we don’t want to explain ourselves so we’re going to shut it down ASAP by saying ‘we’d tell you, but we can’t, ‘cause, fraud regulations and mustn’t tip off the crims’.”


Sorry, I wasn’t very clear. Like @Rat_au_van said, I meant the limitations around what days large transfers can be authorised should be made clear. Definitely understand why the monetary limitations aren’t spelled out!


I can’t say I disagree.


Is this a problem that exists at other banks?

I’m not sure that’s relevant for those of us banking with Monzo.

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I’m pretty sure discussing whether Monzo is doing something better or worse than other banks is relevant on a forum for Monzo.


Not in my experience. Though I didn’t think it was an issue with Monzo either. It’s a very rare occurrence so my experience is outdated, as the last time I needed to do this was a Sunday in October in 2019, and I was with N26 as my main bank at that time.

Monzo are the first I’m hearing of a bank that does this. Would be nice to know such a restriction exists, as I may have needed to rely on this on Sunday October 3rd this year. I’ll prepare other arrangements now so I’m not caught off guard.

Sorry this happened to you @urban, but I’m grateful you reported it here when you did, else it likely would have been me in a few months time! :grimacing:


Yes and no. All banks have limits, which is a good thing for security.

First Direct, which is the bank I have the most experience with after Monzo, enable large transactions by phone 24/7 without passing me to someone else. (Granted, their customer service/call wait times have been lousy for the past few months)


I mean, the forum acts as Monzo’s actual customer service, doesn’t it? Directing people to the hidden chat feature, telling each other that previously available services are now switched off at weekends.

I’ll be invoicing Monzo later :joy:


I think the issue here is that it should have been actioned on Friday when first requested. Or am I reading it wrong?

If that had happened then this would never have been highlighted, of course, so @N26throwaway wouldn’t have been forewarned for October.


Sorry you can’t bank with us today, the staff required don’t work weekends 🤦


Ideally, yes. But I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be done the same day, since it was already Friday afternoon. I was expecting Sat morning (so when they said: it may be 24hrs, that made total sense to me).

The issue is the 24hr timeline, and then after 24hrs, being told to wait until Monday. Esp since it USED to be done at weekends, so it would be nice to know about a policy change, if that’s what this is.


Was it the same amount as the last time when it was allowed at the weekend?

The ironic thing here is, the promise of an app only Bank was that these arbitrary limits and obstacles of branch and phone based banking would no longer be a thing!


I just had a look around the website as it’s been a while… Anyways I think that’s a fail for these 2 claims / mission statement (whatever it is you call it)

Edit, there was more on the website but then I’d be posting screenshots for a few pages


Around the same amount yes (a little less this time).


The root problem is not really ‘financial crime reasons’ though it’s Monzo staffing reasons. There’s no FCA rules relating to days of the week and transfers.

You can’t say what the limits are but you could just transfer them all at weekends it’s just cheaper not to.