Monzo Nail Varnish Colour

I’ve seen a few people post on twitter how their nail varnish matches the Monzo colours, could anyone whose done this let me know the brand and colour they used please? I want to get it as a secret Santa for a fellow Monzo lover.


I don’t have a clue about this but can’t you get a place to colour match for you? Then you can simply take in your card or show them the Monzo logo on your phone?

‘Secret Santa’ - for Christmas next year?

A quick google search for “Hot Coral Nail Polish” should give you a couple of options :nail_care:


Hey @PHILIP1193 :wave: One of the people we retweeted who did hot coral nails actually shared a tweet showing which polish they used! It looks like a pretty good colour match and it’s not too expensive on Amazon either :raised_hands:


Thank you. Super star!