Monzo Metal Card

I’m all for it! :heart_eyes: Would there be any issues using it at an ATM? :eyes:

Don’t see why not, the other metal cards out there of the similar make (Amex, Revolut etc) are fine in ATMs.

the only thing you don’t want to do is accidentally bend the card past no return, because then it won’t work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Agreed :see_no_evil: thanks for the info! :+1:t3::grinning:


Would love to get one of these Monzo Metal cards when they come out… Just a something to keep in mind please Monzo

  • Please do not bundle the card with multiple other perks such as lounge access or travel insurance, I personally pay for the Amex Platinum and it comes with all of these perks, I would prefer to not pay for them all again.

  • For the reason above, please could the card be a one off fee, or an extra monthly fee e.g £2 added onto the current £6.

  • Dont do a revolut / curve and make us pay for all your offers just to get metal.

  • Metal card should come as a high their membership and be bundled with all other perks for a higher monthly cost.
  • Metal card should be an extra couple £ a month added to plus subscription
  • Metal card should be a one of payment

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You’ve posted the same poll twice.

It’s also at Metal Card - Please don't bundle other features as well

SLet’s face it, it will be priced and grouped with things (or not) to whatever Monzo feels is best advantage and to cover the costs incurred in providing it. It doesn’t matter what people vote for so a poll can go up 20 times without having an effect on the reality of the charging.

I sometimes think people need to remember that Monzo is a (hopefully profitable) bank, not a democracy :scream:


Wow loads of votes already !

For those who voted “Metal card should come as a high tier membership and be bundled with all other perks for a higher monthly cost”, please could you let us know the reason for this vote, I personally don’t like this idea since it would mean many users would be paying for card features twice.

I can’t see Monzo choosing a one of payment option since many companies like cash flow, and a one off payment does not provide this (Curve offered their metal card as a one of payment originally however quickly swapped to a subscription model)

I think it would be nice to offer Monzo Plus subscribers alternative card materials as a feature, just like the travel insurance, some users want metal cards some don’t, giving the choice to the subscriber is the best way. Nearly all metal cards from other fintechs come bundled with other features when I get these perks from other places already, please don’t make us pay for things we already have.

Thank you Monzo :grinning:

If Monzo do stick with what they say “We’re building a bank together” then they will listen to feedback.

There is no point launching something that people will complain about.

It’s an easy stick to beat them with and people frequently try but experience dictates that they know their own mind in most things. Yes, feedback informs some decisions but that’s different from trying to meet every expectations from a forum comprising a vocal minority of users.

Of course, if nothing is said here, nothing can be learned so it’s always worth saying even if it might feel like it’s ultimately discounted.


People have said they like metal cards because they look premium and expensive, so why not attach them to the most expensive option?


I like them because they last a lot longer, the numbers dont rub off and they cut down on plastic waist, in the long term it will probably be a cheaper option for Monzo, it would also attract a lot more customers.

I would not get one if it came bundled with travel insurance / lounge access / rental insurance, because i get all of these perks with my amex card already and will not be leaving them for monzo.

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there’s a plastic back in it to allow the contactless to work and i assume you’d get one before your current plastic card expires?

They are a lot more expensive to produce


I’m not sure metal cards would attract a lot more customers…


It’s been discussed before. The environmental impact of a plastic backed metal card (I think) is believed to be worse than that of a plastic card. It’s not all about the waste, the impact of manufacture needs to be accounted for too if it’s to be understood properly.


I still don’t understand this big fuss about metal cards. It will just make people replace their current plus card , which they only had for a few months . Maybe they even had a few different colours and a few low quality card swaps. :monzocard:
We (me included ) need to be more mindful of the waste that we create :frowning:


I’m all for metal cards. But yes a lot of card swaps etc. And @cousbrad the metal ones won’t last any longer as the the chip in the card will degrade at the same rate as a normal plastic card. I’m wanting it for the premium look and feel :ok_hand:t2:



I personally would prefer Monzo to stop looking at metal cards until they’ve got to the bottom of the current plastic cards issue…

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True, but maybe they have or are close and just wanting to launch both at the same time ? Time will tell I suppose as we’re not there working on it :slightly_smiling_face:


Perhaps and that’s true, we’re not…

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With 2.5m customers, lots of us want Monzo to do lots of things. Most of us will be disappointed.