/ TSB debit card

You are probably all aware of the fiasco that is TSB.

I have an account there, don’t use it any more, but there was still some money left in there. As I haven’t been able to transfer it out using online banking, I did a payment to myself using the TSB debit card. The transaction is showing as received in Monzo, but isn’t showing up at all in TSB, so it appears I still have the money there as well.

Obviously this is a failure with TSB’s system, but is there a possibility that the transaction could be reversed?

think it’s just their systems aren’t updating what you’re seeing but the transactions gone through. That’s what happened for weeks after the Ulster bank crash a few years ago


It’ll take a couple of days for debit card transaction to show on you TSB account which is normal. You probably want to keep an eye on it though in the next few days.

Latest statement from TSB is that their online banking service is up to 50% capacity and mobile banking is at 90% capacity, so it’s starting to get back to normal now. Apparently the bank end systems have been working as expected, it’s just the front end that we as customers use… :-/


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