I have been using a lot recently as I will do the grocery shopping but the other half has the shopping pot. So I have been using the split payment option and then having to use custom.

  1. Could split be enhanced to have a single option (same as request for money) or have custom default to the full amount.
  2. Could there be an option to send direct to a Monzo account holder instead of via social media. They would then get an in app notification and pay direct.
  3. Can there pe a ‘Pay from pot’ option and have the money transfer from pot to account and then account to the person.

Anyone have any other suggestions?


I think this would be a game-changer. Either select a contact on the payments tab, or enter the Monzo.Me name, select value requested then voila!

(I also wonder if a way to tally up requests sent and moneys received might be useful?)

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This would be a huge quality of life improvement I’d say :+1:

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