Monzo Master Card Questions

I’m a new user on a Monzo debit card.

The Apps asks for a 4-digits password when I log in on a smartphone.
Is the password for the Master Card the same?

I can send and receive money using the Monzo bank acc number with a sort code. Can we also send and receive money using the 16-digits Master Card number? Any service charge will be incurred?

If I have money in the bank. Do I need to add money specifically to the card before spending?

Q1 yes your PIN unlocks the app if you have got app lock on

Q2 send money to who? They’d need the facility to accept card payments

Q3 it’s a debit card so will take money out of your bank account. Same as any other debit card


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They are different, but they can be the same if you choose to use the same PIN to unlock the app as the PIN that has been issued to the card (NOT recommended)

You can’t use the card number to send and receive money. The card is used to pay for things in person or online. Sending money is done through the app (and a request for money/payment can be sent to individuals using the feature)

The card isn’t a 'pre-paid/‘top-up’ card and so doesn’t need to be topped up from the bank account. When used, the card will use the money in the bank account to make payment.


Didn’t know you could have a different one. But I don’t lock the app so why would I know I suppose…

How can I set PIN for the master card?

You would have defined the PIN when you created the account. If you want to change it, you can do so at an ATM.

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Thank you, everybody.




She’s not alone


Security is different things to different people. I feel safer when I have the maximum security active, just in case of ‘accidents’. Especially accidents that may affect or reveal my financials.

How do you lock with PIN?

Can’t find answer.

I use fingerprint to access phone and apps, however, constant hand washing makes it fail more times than succeeds and gets very frustrating.

I have three fingers registered on my device in hope it reads one of them :man_shrugging:

I clean fingerprint sensor daily too, just in case it’s not clean enough.

On my old iPhone 6 I found that registering one finger four times was more effective than registering four different fingers.

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Me either :man_shrugging:

I have one twice, and two back up.

May try your plan :+1:

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