Monzo Logo Design Change?

(Paul) #104

I ain’t no designer but I like the new social logos. If it was me, i would have done this:

Main twitter, hot coral background
Making Monzo twitter, blue background from M logo
Status twitter, yellow background from the M logo

You get the gist.

(Charlie) #105

It does look kind of boring to be fair and really doesn’t make someone want to click to view your profile. The normal logo makes someone actually think “oh whats Monzo?” but just having the word “monzo” doesn’t. You say it is so people know what the “M” means but on all social media where does it show a display picture but not the profile name? I feel like having the “M” above the word “monzo” would look much better and address all concerns.

(Kris Rivers) #106

The coloured M logo is much more inviting, going with a plain white monzo word is just yawn, it’s just like every other bank including starling, generic non descript bore fest.
Unify the design across the scope of the business by all means but please keep some colour in there, it’s the thing that sets Monzo’s aesthetic apart from the rest. It’s what makes it unique in my eyes.

(Jonathan) #107

For me, Monzo’s main unique attraction is the app which gives unrivalled access to information immediately. I use Apple Pay on mobile and Apple Watch but I do enjoy the reaction of staff in store when using the hot coral card, it generates discussion and opportunity for promotion.
However with the app being the main focus of my Monzo experience I feel that the M logo is suggestive of the app icon and should remain a strong part of the identity.
Following others into clean bold fonts as a company identifying logo might be on trend now, but a strong pictorial representation is something that will last much longer.


Some interesting insight on this during the February open office during the Q&A:

Excuse my dodgy transcription, but this is the question and the answer:

Question: One of the goals of the [recent tube advertising] campaign was to increase brand awareness. Was it a conscious decision not to really focus on the multicoloured M? …

Erm, that’s a - err - an interesting question… Erm … I’m loathe to answer this because we’ll see what happens with the multicoloured M …

Basically, erm, to be totally transparent I started here around 5-6 months ago and was completely against the multi-coloured M and would… I wanted to get rid of it.

BUT it has a helluvalot of brand equity and does a lot for us, because it is… the second you download the app that is the first thing you see and first thing you get to know with the brand past the card. The funny thing is with the card we don’t have that and haven’t had that for a long time, however long ago it was - a year or two ago - it still had the outline M on the back of the card. I don’t know if anyone still has that version? But since we’ve got rid of it and we just run with our logotype. Again, it’s a bit of a watch this space situation - it’s something that we consistently near to bear in the mind - we either need to use it in an obvious way in our upcoming campaign or think of a way around it for the whole of the brand. But we’ll see, it’s all - up here right now, and hasn’t been explored properly yet.

This is really interesting, and it seems like there might be changes in the future. I’d love an open office / blog / Q&A on here dedicated to this type of thing - especially before changes are finalised. I wonder if @simonb could pull any strings?

As an aside, this reminds me a bit of Mozilla’s recent rebrand, where everything was published - draft treatments included - publicly and was a fascinating process to follow. It was also clear about its principles, namely that they weren’t crowdsourcing the answer, there was no voting and no one was being asked to design for free). I wonder if Monzo would be up for a similar form of public brand evolution? It certainly fits the brand (pun intended).

But back to Monzo: I’d like to see an evolution of the :monzo: logo to be transparent and white, sitting on a hot coral background - a little like used to be on the back of the cards. I think this marries two of the most valuable parts of the Monzo brand - and I think there’s a lot of utility having a short ‘M’ version of the logo - see Facebook and Google instantly recognisable by their initial. I wonder if Monzo could do something similar.


Yeah… I’ve never really got the multicolored :mondo: and agree that white ‘m’ on a coral background is more obvious.

With the recent Twitter logo change I’d imagine it is something that will change in the near future.

I would get rid of it completely and just go for a lowercase m from the card logotype on a hot coral background.

(Jolin) #110

Who provided the answer? (Thanks for the transcript, not somewhere I can watch the video at the moment.)

(Kieran) #111

visual designer @Jacqui_Browne

(TWM) #112

:face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting: Navy is my most hated colour in the world… :grin:

(Richard) #113

How about…

YInMn blue (Google it)


Nowadays when it’s all about clean and minimalist designs I think the colourful M is kind of outdated. But the M still is a major part of the brand identity. I think replacing it with a lowercase m would be too big of a change, but I’d love a white outline of the current logo on a navy/hot coral background.


This. Background changes depending on context. :hot_coral_heart:

(Valeri) #116

Hmmm not sure about that. Yes minimalism is one of the current trends, however I actually have grown to like it quite a bit, sharp edges and all.

(Splodf) #117

I like the colourful M.

Might be nice to keep it as the community forum logo?


It’s all or nothing in the brand and design world, I’m afraid.

(Which is why the current mixture just isn’t working for me - it’s kill or cure time for the M :scream:)

(Splodf) #119

And yet there’s custom app icons with a multitude of colours, so who knows nowadays!


I think the designers are coming for them, too! :scream_cat:

(Splodf) #121


Pitchfork begins to sharpen

(Jonathan) #122

I think if the hot coral card were ever to change it should be produced with a vantablack coating


What’s a vantablack coating, please? :thinking: