Monzo Labs: Share Card Replacements 💳

We’re testing a new feature in Monzo Labs! :wave:

If you activate a new card while Share Card Replacements is turned on in Labs, we’ll tell merchants your new card details.

We’ll send a message to Mastercard, which some merchants (such as Spotify) will use to update your subscriptions. Not all merchants understand this message though!

You’ll need to be on version 2.28 to turn it on, so make sure your app’s up-to-date.

Turn it on in Labs before you activate your replacement card
We only send the message to Mastercard when you activate your replacement card. (By “activate” I mean when you receive the new physical card, and type the card number into the Monzo app.)

So if you’ve ordered a replacement card recently, and you’ve already activated it, then I’m afraid you can’t try this out right now. Sorry!

Not all merchants support it
Many merchants that do recurring billing support this feature, such as Spotify. But not all of them do, so you’ll need to keep a close eye on your subscriptions, and manually update any that aren’t updated automatically.

Let us know which merchants support it by editing this post:

We’re releasing early so we can gather more data
We’d like to get an idea of which merchants support this feature, so we’re letting you opt-in to help us test it. (And hopefully save you a bit of time updating card details.)

We don’t want to waste plastic and keep ordering new cards for ourselves just to test this feature, so we’re asking for your help! If you need a replacement card anyway, and you’re happy to help us test, you can opt-in to testing this feature in Labs.

Tell us if any merchants email you
We’re not sure what the customer experience of this feature will be like. Some merchants might email you, saying that they’ve automatically updated your card details. If you see this, let us know in the thread!


This could be a pretty decent feature!

Great thinking there :boom:


That’s the most annoying thing about getting a new card, telling Spotify, Netflix, et al.


If this is the thing thats been teased on slack, then its Mastercard Automatic billing updater :smile:

More info :arrow_down_small:


Oh boy, this is awesome.

I just wish it had existed five days ago! :expressionless:


Cooooooool feature

I’ve just created a wiki (which anyone can update) to let users know which merchants do support this :raised_hands:

Merchants that support sharing card replacements (Open Wiki)


I was just about to flag this up but @alexs beat me to it!

Glad Monzo have flagged up that the merchant also needs to support the MasterCard/Visa merchant update system


Stripe claimed to support this for ages - is it the same thing or something different?

Also I hope this remains opt-in. There are cases when you replace a card to prevent an ongoing subscription from an uncooperative merchant - in this case you don’t want them to get your updated card details. Could also have privacy implications.


I do believe that all banks need to offer an opt out option for this

Amazon’s help article on this:


This is very cool :grin:

How do I get an in on the slack channel?

You can join at


Awesome feature!

How does this work if you’ve had your card replaced due to fraud? Wouldn’t want a fraudulent Spotify subscription having your new details :slight_smile:


I believe there’s flags for the merchants as to why the card has changed but I’m not sure if it’s down to the merchant how they decide to handle certain change categories.

Regarding merchant list I believe there’s a list available internally from MasterCard but not for consumer publication

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Does using this feature change the amount or type of data Monzo shares with Mastercard? I assume they already have all the necessary data, but would be good to know before enabling.

@jzw95 We will send a message to Mastercard saying that your old card number and expiry date is being has been replaced with your new card number and expiry date. I believe that’s the only information which is shared by this feature.

Mastercard can’t link the cards together without this, because they don’t know that the cards are linked to the same bank account.


I needed exactly this when I replaced my card a couple of days ago.

After a lot of frustration I found out that Google Pay didn’t let me remove my old card or add my new one. All I got was a generic error message stating that it was tied to a subscription and I couldn’t work out which. In the end it was tied to Googles own subscription (for their APIs) so this feature would have helped massively.

Great work though :+1:

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I was under the impression that Google Pay was updated automatically regardless of this feature. Is this not the case?