Monzo Labs: Pay anyone by text or email

(Robin Bilgil) #103

This isn’t intentional! We should definitely have the option of going back before rolling this out. Unfortunately this is sometimes the kind of “unpolish” that lets us release really early to labs.

(Marc Lightfoot) #104

Not sure if this has been mentioned but an option to cancel a link would be useful. I have just created one to see how it works from a sender perspective but would prefer to cancel it off rather than wait the 7 days for it to expire.


You can kinda cancel it if you pop in your details, if you have the link still. But yeah a cancel button is a must.

(Kenny Grant) #106

I’m not even sure there’s much point in obscuring these links within Monzo, it doesn’t make it more secure. You should be able to see it again, and to cancel it. I’d also rather copy just the link, not blurb + link - I sent my first one to google by mistake by pasting it into a browser. These links will be sent in plaintext over insecure channels (email, sms), that’s the vulnerable point, when they are sitting on email servers and computers/phones unused.

I do think cancellation and showing the Monzo user the link is a must before this goes live. I’d also put a limit on it of say £1000. There should not be a way to send thousands using this method, it is too risky.

In future if this is widespread it’d be profitable to buy a browser plugin with an installed base and simply steal the money from pay links when they are clicked on, as all you need is the link, there is no second factor.

(Paul) #107

I’m glad to hear that. Thanks for the update

(Ben) #108

So I just got the chance to test this.

Feedback from the recipient - “that was super quick and easy”.

So feedback above about button design done and out of the way - this was a pretty frictionless process.

(Rob Pears) #109

Any chance you’ll implement this for international accounts and phone numbers?

(Josh Lindl) #110

Something about choosing the amount and entering my passcode before selecting the recipient feels off to me. Entering a pin usually actions a command so i’m led to thinking ‘what will happen if I enter my pin? I havent said who I want to pay yet’. It doesn’t align with how you would send money to a recipient within Monzo or any other banking app, i.e choose the person first.

I thought through an alternative flow but it leads to a deeper intergration being required with the email provider / fb messenger / imessage etc so I suspect your flow is probably based upon keeping the link as universal as possible.

(Liam) #111

I just did exactly the same thing.

(Jordan) #112

I tested this last night and it was all very seamless and easy.

I would say however, seeing it in the feed (maybe not even as a completed transaction - but just there) as a “You’ve sent £X via Monzo Link” would for me make the process a lot smoother.

That feed item could then be clicked where the transaction could be cancelled would also make me feel more comfortable.

Overall though I really enjoyed it, I hate typing out acc numbers and sort codes so to be able to get the person who is asking for money to do it was great!

(Michael) #113

Just tried by sending my mum 4p. I think she was grateful - and it puts my account balance into a round amount! All seems really smooth on the receiving end even if the ‘Sign up to Monzo’ button gets ignored :joy:


I’m sorry but that’s not your place to say what’s better. Your my bank, your not my friends bank, you don’t know what their requirements are for a bank.

I tried the feature not knowing what the page looked like and honestly wasn’t very happy when I found out that it’s a marketing page.

The button for them to receive the money wasn’t even the prominent highlighted button.

Now I’d have been happy if creating a Monzo account was mentioned as an option, but that wasn’t the case. Creating a Monzo account was displayed as the primary and default option. This was a deliberate choice on your part. This isn’t right, and It’s arguably unethical.

I sent them a link to receive money because they don’t use Monzo, I expect the link to allow them to receive the money to their non Monzo bank as the default first prominent option.

If I thought they’d want to use Monzo I would have suggested that.

I’m sorry this is a negative post, but these aren’t he tactics I want to see from my bank, certainly not from Monzo.

(James Nicholson) #115

I’ve just made the following change for the next release: tap-hold to copy. What do you think?

(James Nicholson) #116

I’m working on this today :+1:

(Robin Bilgil) #117

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve also sent a code to google the same way so it’s definitely a pain! We will address this before launch, as well as being able to cancel. For now if you haven’t shared the link yet then you could just dismiss the feed item for the “Pending” payment and forget about it. If you have shared it and want to cancel it, unfortunately you’ll need to contact customer support :frowning: We will fix this in January.

As for showing the link; we will do this at some point, but for security we are probably going to add it behind a second PIN / fingerprint authentication, and it will generate a new code for the payment.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #118

Interesting thread, and good comms, @james & @robinb :grinning:


Im more concerned now that two staff still don’t see the problem here.

There’s no balance to get right. Is this a payment function first or advertisement function first with payment wrapped around it?

Its purpose is meant to pay people who aren’t on monzo. Yes, obviously this is an opportunity to give them some info about thinking about switching to Monzo. But its a feature to pay non-monzo accounts, it shouldn’t be an advertisement feature.

The balance is simple, you have a giant blue button for them to press to receive the money in their account. And for the ad side, you have a small non bold, non blue giant button that says “have you thought about getting monzo instead, its super simple” or whatever works.

Basically, the complete opposite of what it currently is.

Not really. As a Monzo customer, I already know its easy to sign up and that they can get £10. I can give them a link for that. I’m not discounting the usefulness of reiterating that in the payment screen. but again, to rehash my previous post, you would be assuming things that you have no way of knowing.

Why would they be interested in an account that doesn’t offer them what they need? £10 isnt going to change that.

Its just disappointing. It’s a labs feature, so i hope you consider changing it. I just want to pay people money who aren’t on monzo. i don’t want to convert them at the same time, at the very least, i don’t want them to have to look for the button that lets them get the money into their existing account, it should be the first most visible button there.

(Joe) #120

I just used this feature for the first time to pay a colleague back (I’m cashless which is difficult in an office where people buy each other food a lot, but this solves the problem for me which is amazing).

I looked at the page generated by the link, and I’ve gotta say I agree with others on this thread that it feels the wrong way around, the buttons should be switched.

However, saying that, I sent this person the link and they very quickly accepted the money into their account, no questions asked. So whilst I personally feel from a UX perspective it’s the wrong way around at the moment, an actual user seemed to have no issues with it. I should probably add, they also didn’t sign up to monzo, as it was a ‘quick, pay me for this sausage sarnie that im about to go and fetch for you’ kinda thing and I can’t really see why anyone would take the time to sign up in this kind of scenario.

(James Nicholson) #121

Little sneak peek of the WIP cancel flow from our awesome designer :eyes:

Making Monzo: Pay Anyone

They do find their way reasonably quickly because there’s limited options, but this is a human interface problem. When the page opens pretty much everyone without thinking about it will immediately recognise and see within a second the big blue “button” as exactly that. There’s one button, i need to press that next. It all happens without you really thinking about it at all.

So this is a purposeful decision, when you want to make things easy, you make it flow easily by making things recognisable and simple. a button is a button, you push those. there’s only one, so you know within a second of the page loading where you need to go next.

Its only when you start reading the text and actively start looking at the page that you see whats wrong with it. Most people will see the pay with a non monzo account link. But the page is designed, deliberately, to push you toward the blue button.

This is why i said in one post that its arguably unethical. over dramatic? maybe in this day and age, but that’s still arguable unethical, even if its just a tiny bit unethical.

you can get there in the end fine, but that doesn’t change the fact that it appears at least from an outside perspective that the page was made not from a customer point of view, but from a business “we need to get more people” point of view as its primary function. And is why i find it pretty disappointing.