Monzo Labs: Pay anyone by text or email

(Andy Freeburn) #83

Totally agree with this - the current implementation to ‘recruit’ new users as part of the payment process is horribly wrong… it should be about making the experience so amazingly smooth and simple that people are then happy to see an option to sign up and be able to use the feature themselves…

putting the ability and ‘promotion’ into the splash screen following the process is a much more pleasant experience to feel comfortable promoting out to non-monzo users

(Tom) #84

@beths mentioned it somewhere :+1:

(Tom) #85

Yes, I’m sure I saw that somewhere.


Good point. Hopefully this is the case.

(Ben) #87

Thank you - that was the phrase I couldn’t remember.

There’s a great website that explains some examples of types of Dark Patterns - if anyone is interested:

The button highlighting thing pops up often in ‘bad examples of’ - I’m not saying this type is malicious or anything like that - but does align with the definition they use.

“Dark Patterns are features of User Interface design crafted to trick users into doing things they may not want to do, but which benefit the business in question”.

Interesting watching anyway - would recommend a nose through.

(Michael) #88

Were for me, plus the name they gave

(Stephen Spencer) #89

Another +1 that I wouldn’t use this feature as it stands because the page is veering on dark patterns.
I would ask the person for their bank details and do the transfer manually.

If I’m giving money to a friend that I feel might be up for Monzo, I’ll give them the spiel and show them the app separately.
If I’m just trying to give someone else money, I would use a feature like this. But only if it was completely painless and only did a potential upsell after the transfer was successfully complete.

I’m not even sure how many people you’d ensnare into signing up at the same time as receiving money using this tactic. Surely their prime requirement is to receive your money. If they like the sound of Monzo then they’ll sign up afterwards, personally I’d be rather scared of signing up for something and putting the money I’m getting from someone else into a thing I know nothing about yet.

Also: I never thought I’d have to use “ensnare” when referring to a Monzo feature. Very disappointed in this, and also very disappointed in the denials from Bruno and RobinB in the face of a fairly unanimous response from forum members.

Corollary: why don’t the pages have a big button saying “Sign up for Monzo, top up your account, then pay your friend from there” as the primary call to action? Because it’s not the purpose of the feature - It would be a rude, delaying, confusing and slightly sleazy distraction. As the primary CTA is here.


When the recipient enters their bank account and sort code, these details are added to the transaction sender’s feed. Thinking about this from a privacy point of view: shouldn’t the recipient be made aware of this when they enter it?

(Adam) #91

Probably not.

It’s no different to me sending them money manually. This link is so they can input their bank details for me.

(Tom) #92

I flagged the same issue in another thread :+1:

(Tom) #93

My thoughts on this from the other thread

(Adam) #94

Interesting point. I’m not sure.

I’ve viewed this as no different to me sending a bank transfer where someone has texted me their details. It skips the texting part for them and they just tell my bank their details on my behalf.

I can see the argument that they might need making aware that I’ll see their details as part of the transaction. Whether the have to be told? :man_shrugging:

(Tom) #95

In that case, they’ve actively given you their details though.

I think this would solve it, for me. Nowhere in the current flow does it say that the recipient’s details will be saved by the sender.

(Ben) #96

I’d agree I think that would be a neat addition before the final confirm button.

I assume that the reason the details are saved is to allow for it to transfer as a Faster Payment? Could there be a mechanism to not share the details - but I figure that would mean there would be an intermediary processing step to do that? (I.e, I transfer the money to Monzo, Monzo transfers it to the end user).

(Paul) #97

Cool feature. Two buttons side by side would be my preference. One for sign up to Monzo the other for use other account. Both equal weighting. Fundamentally my friend just wants the money so let them decide.


After thinking about it I don’t think I’ll be using this in it’s current state. I’m likely to be using this for people I’m not particularly close with so having it so blatantly try to get them sign up to a bank when all I want to do is send them some cash puts me off. It’s kinda embarrassing.

I would prefer if it asked to signup after confirmation of money sent or if it prioritised simply entering their existing bank details with a less annoying ‘use Monzo add £10’ button. :woman_shrugging:

(AllanW) #99

Is it a dark pattern that when you tap an option on the initial screen, you can’t go back on the browser? :joy:

(Andy) #100

Be careful that you enter the right amount! Thankfully the app crashed before it tried to approve this:

(Paul) #101

OMG :open_mouth: it is. That’s pretty naughty

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #102

Android is a little bit safer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I can only send £9999 at a time :grin: