Monzo Labs: Ordering Accounts (now) and Pots (soon!)

Safe to assume @alessiopiergiacomi that this will be one of the priority items in q2?

Y’all thirsty.

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Any chance this is coming soon since I imagine CoronaVirus will put a few things on hold and this being a fairly easy thing to implement? :slight_smile:

Too many assumptions there for any realistic sort of answer I’m afraid.


@Feathers Oh really? Why’s that? How is there too many assumptions?

I think we should get an update on plus in the next week. So I imagine once they have delayed that, they will discuss other priorities

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Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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Assumptions such as…

  1. It may not be easy to implement. And it may still need built and tested before they can put it out.
  2. CoronaVirus may not have put anything on hold (many Monzo people work from home already), and even if it has, I can’t imagine this would be a priority given Monzo will be more concerned about their staff, and generating income so they can continue to be paid.
  3. We don’t know what else is going on with Monzo staff right now, maybe some aren’t able to work?

Grand scheme of things, this isn’t important by any stretch of the imagination.

Just my thoughts, could be wrong, but I’m not assuming I’m right! :smiley:


I mean your second and third point kind of contradict each other, if it has put stuff on hold then they’ll want to get some easy wins, otherwise if they haven’t, Monzo plus will be due soon and this will still be able to be worked on once it’s dropped.

As for the development, they’ve already got the back-end infrastructure on Android for this feature, that’s if it even needs a back-end, most likely this will must be managing an array held in the user defaults which is fairly arbitrary. Also since the list is most likely just a table view, dragging fields is pretty easy to do. The designs will be there so easy peasy

Sure. I wasn’t aiming for accuracy just listing some things that could be assumptions.

And you are still presuming stuff about ‘back-end’ infrastructure, and how the app is built. I don’t know that any better than you do.

Plus. It really doesn’t matter right now.

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Lets watch the world burn as long as we can organise pots.


I’m not sure Monzo iOS devs can fix the world but they can fix reorganising pots


Maybe there’s less of them at the moment? Maybe they are all working from home? Maybe their codebase isn’t something they let employees work on at home? Maybe they are too sick to work?

I want ordering pots. I want pot-to-pot transfers. But I understand the current situation and I can wait a bit longer. I know it will be :soon:


Pot to pot transfers would be great. Even if it is really just automating pot-account-pot in the background. Such a pain doing this manually. And would allow for sweeping balances from one pot to another.

Would be great if certain accounts with a balance remaining (not spent in the month) just before payday move into a savings pot. Ready to be refilled from salary sorter.


I tweeted them today asking for this as my pots are getting out of control. I got the usual ‘it’s coming yay’ tweet :frowning: It was coming in October, it’s now almost April. #givethepeoplewhattheywant haha


#buy android

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Android has it?

Yh, you can turn it on in Labs

Yes, we have had it since November I think. Huge fan of it myself and do hope it is coming soon for people on ios

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