Monzo Labs: Ordering Accounts and Pots

The difference is a lot of code that doesn’t exist, some checking of permissions (if you are moving out of a joint pot does the other person know? do they have to approve this somehow?), not to mention the UI itself as we can’t move anything this way so that all needs built from scratch.

If you mean in terms of visibility then I’m guessing because at present it’s a ‘transfer’ there is a clear record of who did what. If I’m just dragging pots around between accounts it might not be as obvious?

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True, but everything new needs to be built. Like pot sorting :smiley:

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Yeah. So… sorry what’s your point then? Moving pots in one account is not the same as moving them between two accounts, so would require more code, more time, and ultimately how many people would use it?

I think the current plan is a good first step to get something done, it can be expanded on. I’d rather they did this than try and build it all in one go (or we’d be waiting even longer for Pot Sorting).

No, I agree. What I suggested is out of the scope of ‘reordering pots’ which is why I added the disclaimer to my first post. I was just asking why an automatic move of a pot from a joint to solo account had more questions about ownership than somebody doing it manually (excluding external pots of course).

Looks great! When pots are hidden, will there be some kind of indicator of that? Im thinking on the vertical list it would be nice to have some kind of reminder that I have hidden money away from my self. Maybe just an icon (which is discreet if you dont want to make it obvious), or a placeholder like “And X hidden pots”

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Right now, this is what we’re testing when it comes to showing that you have hidden Pots.

From the usability testing we did on Wednesday, it proved clear enough - without being a giant reminder that you have money hidden away (as the whole point is to reduce how often you’re reminded!)


I think in theory it’s the same set of permissions and liability right?

If you have a joint account - both members can unilaterally use the account without seeking permission on each.

So at least in theory, You (should) have the same (legal) permissions to transfer direct from one to the other.

Might be complexities around savings type pots, and obviously, developmentally and audit trail stuff needs to be implemented… But I shouldn’t imagine you’d need permission to do such a transaction in your joint account.

It would be good to consider how the Balance updates on this view too - this view looks good and useful.

Though as it’s a mock up it’s hard to tell the desired behaviour for the balance - as this one isn’t correct for the visible pots :slight_smile:

Looks great to me! Thanks for sharing, cant wait to try it out.

yeah - the numbers don’t add up on this screen, that’s just a result of it being a quick sketch.

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Yeah that’s cool - just wondered what the proposed behaviour for balance would be?

I think it should show the total of the visible pots. Then a little visual indicator if you do have hidden pots that this figure has been adjusted? Like a little :eye: next to the total balance.

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Would just like to add my vote for the ability to hide a pot just off the home screen (horizontal pot scroll) and still show on the vertical view. This is because I have a lot of pots which I don’t need to hide completely but I don’t need a day to day view of them. For example a bills pot doesnt need to be hidden, but I also dont need to see it every time I open the app as it should just work.

Appreciate this might not be in the first iteration but just putting my vote in! :raised_hand:

Happy you are working on this though and reordering will be great :slight_smile:


Would prefer the total balance to exclude hidden pots.


Finally!!! This is a game changer for me! A small feature but with massive impact…

Can’t wait for the Pots sorter launch :slight_smile:

Liking the ‘show joint account first’ feature. A good step forward.

@Jami hopefully soon in the future (after this great update) could someone look at moving money direct for Pot to Pot instead of having to move money from a pot to the main account and the from there to another pot, just makes it time consuming and my main account looks very messy.

For instance, I have a round-up pot that when it hits my target amount I transfer to a savings account, it would be great to be able to do this direct pot to pot.

As an addition to this for a future, future update, it would be great to be able to automatically move money from one pot to another when it hits a set amount i.e roundup pot set to £10 automatically moves it to a saving pot.

These would be just great additions and would help greatly. Hopefully one day

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Just a quick one, for the hide pot icon wouldn’t it be better to have a shut eye or covered eye :see_no_evil: rather than putting a line through it?

An eye with a line through is a well recognised icon for ‘hide’


Does anyone experience app crashes after enabling the ‘show JA first’?

Mine are quite frequent, especially when dragging down to go to the ‘All Accounts’ screen but not only limited there.

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