Monzo Labs: Ordering Accounts and Pots

Just hidden a pot I had no desire to hide before now :nerd_face:

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Seems to be working well. One thing I didn’t anticipate is having to get used to having hidden some pots. I felt like I’d lost all my savings and quickly unhid them.


Works a treat! Thanks :monzo:

The over view screen still shows you how much money in total you have even when the pots are hidden.

Lets you know the money still exists :grin:

Love it… thanks Monzo!

Some thoughts from me…

  1. being able to customise which hidden pot balance I want to include in my overall balance
  2. being able to see the balance of each hidden pot without having to un-hide
  3. being able to add funds to a hidden pot without first un-hiding it (i’m guessing i’ll be able to ‘salary sort’ into hidden pots but will need to wait until payday to confirm!)

Definitely not criticism - love the additional functionality :clap: :raised_hands:


I agree love the feature and number 2 would save me a lot of time when I want to just double-check a hidden pot

So it does! Hadn’t spotted that. Thanks!

I’m for all three of these! Love the feature so far tho


I’m so happy to finally have this! As soon as I started using pots I was hungry for this feature, so it’s been a long wait :sweat_smile:
Thank you everyone who helped get this completed :pray:


great feature! so happy its here something so damn simple


Been waiting on this for Agenc, both are excellent additions, yes again u listen you act thank your such a refreshing bank to deal with

LOVE this - it’s working perfectly for me.

I would really like to be able to not show the amount in my hidden pots on my total balance. For notoriously terrible savers like me this could really help!


just got this in labs on iOS , takes a couple of seconds for the app to catch up initially but then its very slick and easy :+1:

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I am LOVING this so far! :+1:t3: :smiley:

All working perfectly for me on iOS. Big thanks to the teams that made it happen! :hot_coral_heart:


I’ve been waiting for this for ages on iOS and I noticed yesterday that it now comes as Monzo Labs option for me.

There have been multiple threads asking for this and some of them are a few months old, so thought I’d create a new one as a point of notification.


I was expecting this, but forgot so thanks! xx

A piece of feedback: hidden pots don’t appear on the usual screen (makes sense, they are hidden), but the edit screen doesn’t say what type of pot it is. So to see whether a hidden pot is a regular pot or a savings pot, I have to unhide and hide it again. Would be good to have the little plant shoot overlay on the edit screen too.


Hooray! Pots are hidden on iOS.


Wouldn’t it be a good idea, that when you press ‘edit’ to hide and sort your pots out it tells you how much you have in each pot without having to unhide each pot to look at its balance. Or does that defeat the object of hiding them?! :thinking:


It’s definitely something I’d find useful.

I mentioned the same somewhere up i this thread - some kind of way you can see the amount in each pot in the sorting menu. Or even clicking on the “hidden eye” icon which temporarily shows the pots in the list.