Monzo Labs: Ordering Accounts and Pots

Well this is all very exciting!


I have it on Android so I can explain how it is done for us.

  • Swipe down from the homescreen to reveal your list of pots/accounts.
  • Underneath all your accounts (before your connected credit cards) is an EDIT button.
  • Tap that and here you can hide and sort your pots by dragging them or tapping the :eye: icon.

It’s not clear if this part is missing as mentioned above but thought I’d explain it just in case :slight_smile:


It’s disappeared from labs now :eyes:

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So it has ! We were in touching distance - So near and yet so far :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

Not going to lie… I got all excited then… until I kept scrolling… :frowning:

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While we got close, this is great news! I imagine the labs toggle was either meant to be for staff to test it in their build or they’re just adding it ready for the next release (they would have missed the slot for this Thursdays TestFlight, so who know maybe it’ll be in next weeks one?). Hopefully only a few weeks away now :crossed_fingers:

Next up I hope they can find some time to get new credit card connections working. But thats maybe a bit of a pipe dream.


Hello everyone! I want to follow up on @bruno’s post above with some good news: Hiding and sorting Pots is now ready for iOS!

iOS folks should be able to turn it on in Labs starting tomorrow on the TestFlight build, and next Monday(ish) on the App Store release. Next week we will probably start rolling the feature out outside of Labs, if nothing looks wrong.

I’m sorry it took us this long, but I hope you understand that all of us at Monzo wanted this feature to be completed as much as you did, and we got it ready as soon as we reasonably could given everything else that’s been happening over the past 6 months. I trust you will test it as much as you can! Please leave any feedback here :pray:


Wooooo! Thanks for the update @robinb really appreciate you jumping in here and picking up the reigns from @bruno in his temporary absence.


Fantastic, thank you for the update, looking forward to testing this out.

Stay safe out there.

Amazing stuff. Thanks for the update. Be safe :heart:

I think I love you :heart::heart::heart:

In all seriousness, thank you for the update, much appreciated and very excited!

Thank you so much! Really looking forward to using this feature :grinning::partying_face:

Many thanks for the update, it was something that many needed and wanted. Best wishes and thanks to all the team at Monzo :+1::+1:

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Finally, thank you for the hard work!

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Amazing :heart_eyes: Thank you so much @bruno & everyone at Monzo!

Awesome news! Thanks to everyone who worked on this, can’t wait to get it installed.


Today’s the day :eyes:



As excited as i am, I don’t think it’ll be until tomorrow regardless of what’s stated above, Android Beta releases are Wednesdays but TestFlight releases are normally Thursdays unless it’s a bug fix

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Unless it’s already in Testflight & is just a server side switch to enable it in the App.


True, though I’m just going on the basis that @robinb said “tomorrow” on a post from yesterday :grimacing: