Monzo Labs: Hide 'Left to Spend'

Would love to use this, but on the personal account only. I use joint account for all purposes, and my personal is used very rarely when I need to pay some service from “account in my name” or when friends send me money.

“Left to spend” bar is constantly red becausei don’t hold any money in that account, but there is no way to disable it for personal account only.

I do use budgets for joint account so need the bar there.


Why is this even a planned feature? Monzo’s USP for me was the chasing the line summary animation on open which you basically got rid of in the new update… and I’ve put up with it until now hoping you’d eventually give us the option to have that back someday but now you’re just making it like literally every other bank account? Doesn’t make sense to me.

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Because it was useless for most. It just showed a peak when you got paid and a gradual decline until the next payday, so they removed it.

Monzo makes it easy to keep on top of your spending with their instant notifications and how easy it is to jump in and out of the app to see your spending. I’ve never paid attention to the ‘left to spend’ because only I know what that is when I take everything into consideration which can’t be predicted by a machine.

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They’re only making the display optional rather than removing it

As to why, it does not work for some people and it’s for the best to provide the option rather than remove it for those of us it works for (or sort of works for in my case)

I agree with the comments about the visual aspect but I love it!! I actually suggested this to your support a while ago so not sure if that contributed but it’s nice to be listened to if it did! I much prefer it this way as the timeline didn’t always correspond to my pay day, and it would go orange and look low even when I was fine for money that month which would stress me out, so super happy this option has been created!

Is there any particular reason why this feature is still in labs and hasn’t graduated yet?

Later this year will be two years of this feature being stuck in labs. It seems pretty finished to me, so why not launch it?

I don’t think it is finished. I think it makes the UI look really badly spaced out if you hide it. You don’t really gain anything.

It’s actually the only way I’ve been using the app for well over a year now and I can’t see any problems with it.

The way I manage my money and spend via AMEX means that Monzo’s budgeting features are no use to me and having a ‘left to spend’ displayed in the app is annoying and a waste of space.

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I agree, but now I set it roughly above what I’ll spend as I think it looks worse without it there :man_shrugging:

Hid it 18 months ago (or maybe a month or 2 later than that)

Layout issue is minimal, in fact I had to switch it back on just to see what it was. Still minimal :sweat_smile:

I think there are longstanding aspirations on Monzo’s side to rethink budgeting so they don’t want to tinker.

I’m sceptical if we’ll see any changes in the short term, though. It just doesn’t seem to be a priority.

My workflow is as follows:

  • spread sheet to make budget
  • salary sorter to sort into pots
  • direct debits and standing orders debit pots
  • virtual carts debit pots

I have five virtual cards: food, fuel, spending, Charlie (daughter), badminton

With the above, the pockets become the containers that track each budgeted topic and as such, the balance on each pot is the amount remaining for each budgeted item. As such I don’t use the budget feature at all.

Pocket linked virtual cards also mean I never have to move money between pockets when I’m about to pay. Instead I just choose the appropriate card to use in the Apple Pay workflow.

My point: I like ‘left to pay’ hidden. It provides no utility given my use case

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