Monzo Labs: Easy Bank Transfer

This would be awesome - my other bank is Natwest and they offer this (so I can see my Monzo spends account) under my NatWest ones etc

I’d love the ability to do that in Monzo


HSBC, Marks & Spencer and First Direct are back online. Sorry this took so long!


Will you be adding transferwise and dozens?

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All sorted, thanks! So been able to try it out with HSBC

Very slick, and the money arrived immediately

Appreciate the dedicated notification


Just found out I still have an HSBC account kicking around. Gave this a whirl and wow was it sleek. Worked a treat.


I’m stuck on this when I try to accept the terms:

Other people in the thread had this issue, I think it was due to their DNS configuration. Have you changed it?

Which DNS resolver is causing issues?

Yes, it’s using DoT via Cloudflare

Myself and a few others had problems with AdGuard blocking something I think and causing that screen. Making an exception for the Monzo app fixed it, but I’m not sure what exactly was causing it. I can’t seem to make it bring up the Terms and Conditions (that screen) again to check what the Filtering Log was blocking.

How do I give this a spin?

You need to enable it in Labs, which is in Settings.

I tried to add money from an HSBC Business account to our Monzo Business Pro account.

After selecting ‘HSBC’ from ‘Which bank would you like to transfer money from?’, it didn’t open the HSBC Business app, but took me to in Safari:

This didn’t accept my HSBC Business username and SecureKey code, which I suspect is because it’s an Open Banking portal for HSBC personal accounts rather than HSBC business accounts?

I imagine this release of Easy Bank Transfer may not have had business banking apps in scope?

FYI :slight_smile:

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I suspect the issue here is that HSBC have split their apps across personal and business, so Monzo has no ability to know which app to start, and opts for the personal banking app (which I assume you don’t have). Because it can’t find the personal app, it goes to the personal web portal.

I can understand the decision. That said, it may be that the better option would be to check for the existence of the personal app, and if not found, look for the business app, and launch that. But then what do you do when you have both personal and business banking (and associated apps) with HSBC? How can Monzo decide which is the preference? Show a pick list, I guess? It’s something to be considered for the next iteration, I’d imagine.

For the sake of my interest mainly

I have been with HSBC since I was a Griffin Saver in the mid-Eighties and used (and use) a wide selection of their personal products, but never a business product

How much separation is there between the two generally? Is this split in apps a split in websites and phone numbers and offices as well?

Maybe, dependent on the above, HSBC UK Business (and some equivalents for other banks) should have separate listings


ps I had all this swag at one point in 1988 :joy:


And it was worth every penny it cost them if you’ve been a customer for that long!

Probably yes, but it was the Number One account t-shirt in 1991 that really sealed it!

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Not the dictionary?

Monzo need to do a dictionary


I feel I may have taken this thread off topic!


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