Monzo Labs: Connected Credit Cards

So far it looks like nobody is approaching Open Banking seriously from legacy banks and credit providers…
Not surprising! They all want users to use their first-party apps which are mostly… slow and cumbersome.

As far as I understand its only the CMA9 that were made to do it, five of them missed the boat but they all do it now.

Others it’s just choice if/when they get on board. :man_shrugging:

I am unable to see this feature in my Monzo Labs section. I have latest version of iOS app

It’s not in labs anymore

Search in the app help section for credit card and you can add one

@mycl is this still being looked into at all? My Halifax cards still don’t update at all. Thanks :blush:.

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I see, thanks a lot

Truelayer hopes to have tesco working soon.

Sounds useful, my grandparents have warned me their app is awful for credit cards.
(get the card some time next week)

NEED MBNA now please ha


Is anyone else still having issues with the balances of their connected credit cards not updating? It feels like I’m never going to resolve the issue of my Halifax cards not updating as it’s been going on for months. :pensive: I’ve no idea if the issue lies with Monzo, Truelayer, or potentially Halifax.

In the option to add a credit card could you please add BarclayCard?

This is waiting on Barclaycard implementing open banking.

A few days ago I disconnected my Halifax cards again, deleted and reinstalled the app, reconnected the cards, and for the first time since the switch from screen-scraping to the open banking connections, the balance has been refreshing over the last few days! :partying_face: finally! :grinning:.

I’ve repeated that process a good few times, but this the first time it has worked, so hopefully the Halifax connections are more stable now. Fingers crossed it stays that way :pray::blush:.

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Any hope Amex will appear into the list in the 2020s?

Doubt it.

I suspect you’d need to ask AmEx that one :smile:

Can we please stop going on about Amex? Every other day it’s asked and answered. Amex need to release their API which needs to be stable enough to be implemented by third parties. Nothing to do with Monzo and I’m sure there’ll be an update when it’s out


I’ve switched to using the Natwest App as my main banking app now instead, it allows me to pull in all of my other accounts (Lloyds, Monzo), and also view all my Natwest stuff (Credit Card & Mortgage) as well.

Monzo are really missing a selling point by actually sorting this out, implementing it & rolling it out to current accounts etc as well.

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I mean if anyone needs any further proof that this is entirely a truelayer issue and not a Monzo issue, looks no further than the Nectar Shopper Rewards trial that’s just launched, which is powered by truelayer…


I would imagine you can see the mortgage in the NatWest app as it is provided by NatWest?

I also don’t think mortgages are as far with open banking as the “banks”

Monzo can only link with open banking services that Truelayer (currently) provide.

I have the option to add Monzo to my RBS but as I am full Monzo it’s pointless as it’s never used really.

Yeah I had this issue too.