Monzo Labs: Connected Credit Cards

Wonder what features the Barclaycard app had that the main Barclays didn’t once you connected the credit card under in?

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You can now use any app. They are exactly the same now. It’s just the Barclaycard app that has had a makeover. Used to look like trash now it looks good.

Hey @mycl just wondering if there was any update on this? My connected Halifax credit cards still don’t update.

Same issue here.

Is this still active? I’d love to be able to add my Barclaycard however nothing is showing up in my Monzo Labs??

Barclaycard is not currently available. It was tested initially but there were some issues with their open banking connection which have not yet been resolved. The company Monzo use to facilitate open banking connections have said they are hoping to have Barclaycard working soon

But connections for some other credit cards are currently working.


Still did disappointed that MBNA isn’t enabled yet.

Oh I see! Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

And update on this from roughly 2 months ago? :frowning_face:

So far it looks like nobody is approaching Open Banking seriously from legacy banks and credit providers…
Not surprising! They all want users to use their first-party apps which are mostly… slow and cumbersome.

As far as I understand its only the CMA9 that were made to do it, five of them missed the boat but they all do it now.

Others it’s just choice if/when they get on board. :man_shrugging:

I am unable to see this feature in my Monzo Labs section. I have latest version of iOS app

It’s not in labs anymore

Search in the app help section for credit card and you can add one

@mycl is this still being looked into at all? My Halifax cards still don’t update at all. Thanks :blush:.

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I see, thanks a lot

Truelayer hopes to have tesco working soon.

Sounds useful, my grandparents have warned me their app is awful for credit cards.
(get the card some time next week)

NEED MBNA now please ha