Monzo Labs: Bills Pots 🍯

Is “Savings Pot” the name of your pot? Just wondering it it’ll always say that or be the name of the pot.

Really looking forward to this so I can go full Monzo…!

That’s how all Pot withdrawals look on a statement


It’s called something else (Bills Pot). I don’t think the pot names ever make it on to the statements.

Interesting. I guess it makes sense in a way, I just wonder if there could be any negative connotations attached (from the POV of a bank for example) if it looks like you’re always paying ordinary bills from “savings”.

Pots don’t really exist in that sense. They’re just the current account portioned off.

So for any credit agency it will just look like you’re paying your bills.


very nice idea

Closest you can do is using IFTTT to withdraw £x.xx from a pot when you make a debit card payment to a certain merchant, i.e Netflix. The main drawback of this, however, is that you’ll need to have enough in your main balance to cover the transaction, as the money is moved from the pot after the payment is made.

This is great, been waiting for this for a while, and it looks very well implemented! Can’t wait to try this on iOS!

As it’s a subscription, and likely to be regular, you could setup a scheduled withdrawal? It’s not perfect as between withdrawing + collection, it’s sat in your account, but solves the issue of having to have the money in your account.

I had my first DD due to come out of my JA from a JA Pot.

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t work and because I run our main balance lean (on purpose) the DD completely failed.

Had to transfer from the same Pot manually and hit Retry.

I had a direct debit this morning which was taken from the main balance rather than the pot.

Not sure if this is because I use the app on both Android and iOS

I do too, maybe this is it but that’s not been explained anywhere.

If there had been a wider failure of bill pots this morning I guess there would be more posts here by now, so i suspect the problem may be linked to our use of both operating systems.

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Just had my first DirectDebit payment today and it worked :slight_smile:

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I had one go out from a CA and another from a JA, and both worked fine this morning.


Worked fine for me on personal CA (do not have a JA) :slight_smile:

Can see the feed item for the withdrawal from the pot at 03:40 followed immediately by a feed item for DD also at 03:40

Believe it was mentioned above that they will look into merging together the two lines in the feed


It takes it from the main balance but is supposed to move the money from the pot first. Was there no pot movement before the money was sent?

No. Although the DD is linked to a pot in my Android app, the payment was taken as if the bill pot didn’t exist.

AMAZING!! Sorry for the caps just V excited haha

It would be great if we could add subscriptions to come out of bill pots!! Thanks

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