Monzo Labs: Bills Pots 🍯

We are working on more accurate warning messages that take into account your bills pots :slight_smile:


This is false. (legacy) Monzo Plus has interest on main balances and regular pots.

It’s likely we will looking into the double payment on your feed at some point in the future as we agree it can look a little messy


Yes, this really does need looking into and improving, as if payments are taken all together on a set date i.e. 1st of the month, it will fill up the feed with all the double payments and it really won’t look good at all.

For the moment, until this is fixed I’ll stay with my current system which is cleaner and works well as it only has one payment showing from my bills pot


I was discounting that (even though I still get it) as people will be losing it over the coming months.

Hi Dan. Welcome back to the community

They are already staff testing standing orders, but left that out of this Labs version in order to let us get on sooner with customer testing

So they will be supported :soon:

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Swings and roundabouts, isn’t it? Because not being quite about planned features only to have them not work out and be changed and cancelled has bitted Monzo on the butt more than once.

I, for one, am happy to have this surprise feature drop. As I already have one credit card linked in Monzo, and having been using a pot to put money aside for paying it manually, I’m now delighted to be able to try setting up a direct debit and seeing if the feature works for me. :slight_smile:


Indeed, but I think this time showing some slow but steady progress worked a lot better than “yay, staff testing” and then nothing

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Up to 12 months, which is a sizeable amount of time. So the question makes sense.

True. I’d made the assumption, rightly or wrongly, that a portion of people are through several months already and/or are going to cancel/move to the new bundles when given the choice. That aside, that interest applies to both you main balance and the bills pot so it doesn’t matter which it is in.

(Edit) but to be honest, I’m not really sure of the scenario of the original question that would cost people money

Set up and testing! Good job :monzo:


Is anyone able to answer this yet? Any users able to share the results?

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This is one grievance i have with the statements… would much prefer the approach where pot transfers are ignored :slight_smile:


Sounds great.

But who is Bill Pots?

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Looking forward to getting this on iOS. Will it be made available to business accounts as well as personal & joint?

For those on TestFlight will it be in labs sooner?

The latest TestFlight was released this morning and it’s not there so I would say no, looks like Tuesday which is what they have said.

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