Monzo Labs: Bills Pots 🍯

Any sort of timeframe on subscriptions? Without those in there I’m still left with a chunk of money in my main account that I can’t be sure if I can spend or not which sort of negates the point of the feature!


And this I what makes my bills bank account redundant.

I’ll be full Monzo soon and not just use it for spending money!


I suppose it should follow the same reporting period as Summary is set for to work properly?

Then if future ‘smaller’ Summary reporting periods launch, it should reflect those properly without too much work.

At the moment, the committed spend in Summary is showing the D/D’s which are yet to be paid correctly, but they are now in a bills pot which has has an amount transferred into it to cover them.

So as long as the bills in the bills pot (to be paid within the current summary period) are covered by an amount which equals or is greater than the total value of the bills within that pot, they shouldn’t show as committed spends. This is either very tricky to calculate or very simple depending on the app structure!


This is excellent news!
I just wanted to second a comment above that a transaction like export for pots will be needed similar to the ability to export from the main account (JA in my case). Since bills are such a large chunk of outgoings they need to be easy to put into a spreadsheet for accounting or other purposes.

Ideally I would like a single export for the whole account where movement in/out of pots, pot interest and pot payments all net out in a single list of transactions.

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Will there be functionality to have the money automatically get transferred to the pot on payday based on the expected outgoings?
I feel having to work this out and manually do it goes against the bill pot ethos of automating and ring fencing :slight_smile:


I’d think it’d make sense for it to follow the configuration of the Summary

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Also, being able to see which pot each direct debit is being taken from in the list of scheduled payment (similar to the coin jar pot icon next to a newsfeed item) would be helpful.


I think they mentioned this was the plan, eventually

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Excellent news.

Assigned my DDs with ease, following the advice on this post.

First comes out on Monday :crossed_fingers:

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Would be interested to see how people who use summary use this feature.

I have a DD for £80 coming out next week, so I added this DD to come out of a pot, and transferred the amount into the pot. Now the summary is out as I have £80 less left to spend, because it is still showing in committed spending. I guess I need to untick “repeating payment” for any payments that are coming out of a pot?


That won’t fix the issue in the current Summary reporting period unfortunately. A bit of work needs to go into calculating a committed spend which sits in a bills pot which already has enough cash in there to pay the committed spend during the current reporting period. In other words, ignoring the committed spend in the bills pot as far as left-to-spend is concerned.

Great work Monzo!

Clearly there is some refinement but that’s what Labs is for - constructive feedback is all good but can we agree not to go around in circles on the summary issue that has been flagged and has been confirmed by staff as being worked on!


You have no idea how happy I am right now.

Direct debits have been assigned to a pot and the deposit has been scheduled. Looking forward to seeing this in action!

Can’t wait for standing orders and continuous payment authorities to be supported, but this is definitely a step in the right direction!

I never thought my little thread would lead to this. :open_mouth:


I don’t have any DDs in Monzo yet (trialing) so I can’t answer this question myself - does this work with joint accounts & joint pots?

This is what Monzo is about! For the first time in a while I actually feel excited to be using Monzo again. It’s these types of budgeting features that helped to change the way I manage my money when I first joined in the prepaid era. :smile:

After the fiasco with bundles, it’s threads like this that restore my faith in the brand (along with the new nav thread which has been consistently great). :raised_hands:t3:

Great job all round, can’t wait to try it on Tuesday. :tada:


Yes, it does work with joint accounts & pots. I’ve set our JA D/D’s to be paid from a specific JA Bills pot and also a single monthly scheduled transfer from the JA to the Bills pot to top it up prior to the bills trickling (flooding :wink:) out during that month. Then salaries land at the end of the month in the JA and the cycle should repeat.


This is great news!!! Cannot wait for SOs (Standing Orders) and recurring card payments (Subscriptions) to be added too :grin:

Just to ask about the spending summary temporarily being out of whack if a payment’s assigned to be taken from a pot until it’s fixed, would unticking the “repeat this payment” on the DD (and eventually SOs and Subscriptions) solve this issue if you put money aside into the relevant pot via a SO?

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This is great and has lots of potential. I’m pleased to see some innovation again with regards to budgeting. With the exception of the new nav project, it’s felt like Monzo have stalled a bit recently. Features like this are what attracted me to Monzo in the first place and what makes Monzo great. Looking forward to testing on iOS soon and seeing how it develops over time. Great work!


Just activated it, been waiting for this for ages. 2 initial comments:

  1. Would be nice to see if a DD is assigned to a pot without going into the specific detail - perhaps a little image of the pot picture next to it? Similar to the round up image on a transaction.
  2. “Left to spend” doesn’t work - it needs to include the value in the “bills” pot, at least up to the value of the out going. I.e if the DDs total £500, and there is £700 in the bill pot, it should only add the £500 to the “left to spend”.

Hope these make sense.


Both of those are coming