Monzo Labs: Android Biometric Prompt (Face Unlock!)

Great feature!

On a pixel 4, app & payment face unlock set in settings.
Biometric setting in Monzo labs.
Restarted phone.
When approving a payment, was required to enter my pin rather than the app using face unlock.

I can confirm that the feature works partially on Google Pixel 4.
Partially because it works for authenticating payments, but it does not work when I open the app (in which case the app just lets me in, without requiring anything).

I enabled:

  • “Use new biometrics” in “Monzo Labs” in the app, and
  • “Authenticate with face/fingerprint” in “Privacy & Security”.
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Hey Guille,

Think this has been raised previously, but this feature also doesn’t seem to work on Pixel 4 XL right now.

  • Have enabled biometric API in Labs
  • Have enabled option in Settings
  • Have tried restarting app (closing and forced)
  • Still no prompt for biometric unlock on open.

Sure it’s already on your radar but just wanted to confirm. :slight_smile:

It’s stated a few times above that currently the functionality is only implemented for authorising payments for now:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


With this applied in Monzo Labs it stopped me from exporting Bank Statements. All good, disabled it in Monzo Labs.

I have a question about this new biometrics, I presume its really only so that the Pixel 4 works with their Face Unlock technology? I have other fintech Apps that do use my Face ID, (I’m guessing they use my Security Face ID from the one I setup for my Samsung A50) (I’m also questioning this with them on secure that is too). What is it that Monzo have done for this new feature for it to work with some phones and not others? I presume its down to the fact that it does not look at the Phone’s security details for Face ID, otherwise why can’t I use or have the option to use Face ID with Monzo?

OK, so reading above, this is just for use for authorising Payments with Face ID?

Hi all! Last update from my side before I go on holidays :smile:

There seems to be an issue with how certain device models and manufacturers respond when we ask them which biometric features they support. We may need to investigate more on that.

You’d need to enable biometrics in labs, restart the app, then enable biometrics in settings, as @DimanNe posted. The order is a bit confusing.

I’ve seen your report! We are investigating, since it’s possible to access them from other devices with biometrics enabled.

We do not make things work with one phones and not others. The Android specification is quite broad and complex. Some phone manufacturers respect it better, some other manufacturers have a more… liberal interpretation of it :slightly_smiling_face: Pixel devices, coming from Google, always respect this specification.

Additionally, with face biometrics (Face ID is an iPhone technology), Google has banned certain devices from making authorisations because it thinks their implementation is broken and is not secure enough. I think it’s understandable that we want to respect that ban. There is a list of those devices and manufacturers in one of the other posts.


Thanks for the update, have a nice holiday.

I didn’t realise about the order when I first tested the feature:

I’ve turned everything off and followed

those steps

Phone: OnePlus 7Pro, OOS v10.0.2
Monzo App: v3.12.1

  • In Labs turned off “Use new biometrics” (no auth. required)
  • Restarted Monzo App (fingerprint required)
  • Turned Off “Unlock app with fingerprint” & “Authenticate with fingerprint” (fingerprint required)
  • Closed Monzo App (no auth. required)
  • Turned on Face Unlock on phone
  • Lock and unlock with face to ensure working
  • Open Monzo App (no auth required)
  • Turn on Labs (no auth required)
  • Restart App (no auth required)
  • Turn on “Unlock app with face/fingerprint”) (fingerprint required)
  • Turn on “Authenticate with face/fingerprint” (PIN required)
  • Restart App (Fingerprint requested)

And now I’m no longer getting the white overlay that I did the first time; just a prompt for fingerprint no new wording and the pop-up front-facing camera is a no show.

Couldn’t find this list if someone could point me to it I’d appreciate it.

I think it’s this

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Thanks but Monzo support confirmed this does not work for app unlock on the pixel 4.

Are they ever going to hopefully make it work at some point?

Just samsung then? :man_shrugging:

Looks like it on that link but I’m guessing there’s more to it then that

With an authorization notification which originated from a purchase on a website, the app crashed with Pixel 4 biometric authentication enabled. In addition ‘Always require confirmation’ for face unlock in apps was enabled.

I disabled the bionetrics option in Monzo app which allowed the authorization to be completed.

Hiya @guille - maybe I missed this one, but can we please have the option to use the new (Android 10/Pixel 4) biometric authentication when opening the Monzo app? At the moment the app just opens and I don’t find this very secure. I enabled the new biometric authentication toggle in Labs but that is only used during payments not the initial launching of the app.

iOS (my wife’s Monzo app) seems to have this feature where she uses FaceID to open the app.


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Hi @samx300, As far as I’m aware this is all still in development and something they are working on but not quite ready yet.

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Can’t seem to get it working on my Samsung A70. As far as I can see everything that should be toggled on are on. But anytime it uses biometrics nothing happens it’s like a layer of transparent overlays the app and unable to do anything until you click back or home on navigation bar

I don’t believe the A70 is on the list of Google supported devices for Face Unlock as yet but someone else might be able to confirm.

Any update on this for Android?