Monzo iOS Update?

(Simmy) #1

Whats this all about then ?

(Adam Robertson) #2

Joint Accounts. You haven’t heard? :slight_smile:

(Simmy) #3

Oh fair enough, yeah I had. Just wondering why it didn’t specify in the description

(Jack) #4

it’s just a little late getting pushed out to the app store that’s all otherwise it wouldn’t be behind :smiley:


I think :mondo: do a phased release of the app updates. It appeared yesterday for me but if they are using phased releases then it won’t appear for everyone straight away

(Jai Sullivan) #6

You must be right, I’m still on 2.5.0 and have no pending app updates in the App Store or TestFlight :iphone:


Some info on how phased updates work:


Yep same here no updates on test flight iOS.

(Jai Sullivan) #9

Just got 2.6.0 via TestFlight — Coin Jar tidy up? :nerd_face:


I want TestFlight :weary:

(Jack) #11

Thats what I’m thinking and hoping :raised_hands:t3: Hopefully it’s also applied backwards to previous feed items.

(Jai Sullivan) #12

Same, desperate to use Coin Jar but I can’t deal with the clutter! :worried:

(Jack) #13

If it makes you feel any better we only get the app update about 3 or 4 days before everyone else :sweat_smile:


True dat. Thank god for weekly updates :sweat_smile:

(Jack) #15

Not sure what it means by make it easier to find though. :man_shrugging:t3:

(Herp Derp) #16

If it ain’t a coin jar clean up I’m gonna rage hard and throw coins at a jar and a jar of coins at some coins!

(Jack) #17

Tags v2.0

(Andy) #18

How do you get on the test flight?

(Jack) #19

Ask cops they can add you if there are spaces.

(Jai Sullivan) #20

At the moment, you have to know to name a pot ‘coin jar’ to enable it. Maybe there’ll be something more prominent in the app? :moneybag: