Monzo Investival 2019 Feedback

What a great, and hot, day. Thanks to the Monzo crew for putting the event on. It was quite similar to a lot of community events from other companies that I’ve been to, so here are some observations:

Check-in was pretty smooth and fast. I’ve seen a lot of new events have had issues with check-in/registration, and huge queues, but this was quick and efficient.

There was a bit of confusion as to where people were supposed to be for business/product - I even heard some of the Monzo staff get this wrong. If you guys don’t know, then we’re going to be in trouble!

The presentations were quite short and simple; admittedly there was a lot to get through, but it felt a lot of the time there was too much waffle and not enough presentation. Also, please don’t use stock gifs for humour value - come up with your own images/gifs, be creative!

The timings were not quite as polished as they could have been. I appreciate that sometimes presentations start late and sometimes they overrun, but there seemed to be a lot of obvious production management in the middle of presentations that interrupted the flow - “5 minutes left!” etc.

All in all though, it was a pretty good first Investival! I look forward to going next year. You’ll maybe need some bigger venues to get more people in? And how about some lanyards with passes, rather than wristbands? A keynote for both streams would be good as well - get everyone into the same room at the end of the day!


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