🇻🇳 Monzo in Vietnam [Discussion]

Currently in HCMC and when using Grab, it says “MasterCard cannot be used in your country” but Visa works fine. But my colleagues are using their (non-Monzo) MasterCard’s fine (but credit cards) - could this be a MasterCard debit issue?

Nov 19 - VP Bank ATMs still free, works well no issues. Setup my Monzo card with the Grab App, all worked fine in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Feb-Mar 2020 The card reader was declining my Monzo at Burger King in Hanoi Airport. It worked in both Da Nang and Saigon Airports. The only difference I recall was that the Hanoi one was all charged in USD.

No notification was put in my feed regarding the declined transaction.

Other than that my Monzo card was accepted everywhere, apart from some local ATMs.

I recommend TP Bank, they do not charge any withdrawal fee and you can take out up to $5,000,000 at a time. Though they may not come up on a google search for ATM, you have to search for TP Bank specifically.