Monzo in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus


Does anyone have any advice or tips on card use in the TRNC?

Monzo in Cyprus - 2
(Gwynne) #2

I’ll test this in a couple of weeks. TRNC are one of the places that ask which currency you wish to be debited in - Lira, Sterling, Euros etc. My gut feeling is to follow MoneySavingExpert’s advice and always opt for local currency. This means Monzo handles the exchange, not a random Turkish financial institution.

(Marta) #3

This is very true, I have not seen a comment on forums that would ever confirm that dynamic currency conversion was better than Monzo’s rate. I guess DCC can work if high street bank’s card fees are absolutely hideous, but that’s not Monzo. :wink:

We don’t have any decent reports on how Monzo works on Cyprus, so please let us know once you are back. :smiley:

(Ling ) #4

I’m in TRNC at moment.
Monzo worked ok :
*in Lemar supermarket

  • ATM TC ziraat bank Asia

Didn’t work:
ATM universal bank - rejected card even before requesting PIN number - friend with another uk bank card took out cash no probs