🇬🇧 Monzo in the UK [Discussion]

Hello lads, american here, :wave:

I think it’s about time we’ve come full circle on the whole monzo being in the UK thing! I’ve never really been to another country before (except Toronto and Vancouver), and my limited knowledge of modern-day UK comes almost exclusively from watching Geoff Marshall’s train videos on youtube :train:

Anyways a London (or Germany) trip is inevitable for me in 2020 and I’d love to know what to expect and some advice, aside from the topics covered in the wiki:

(PS If anyone else is visiting the UK and wants to ask questions, go right ahead!)

Hi Melody
What would you like to know?
London is vast, Monzo accepted everywhere, you will always find another monzarian in a bar paying with the coral card.

Places to visit ? London eye, aquarium, Tower of London, south bank, St Paul’s cathedral, Houses of Parliament (don’t mention the B word) to name a few.

Travel with your monzo card is easy just tap your card on the yellow pads on buses and underground stations

Hope this helps, enjoy your trip :+1::+1::+1: