Monzo in the media

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I think thats a very fair article , without doubt Monzo is an investment gamble


Pretty decent article for people who haven’t been following Monzo I’d say.

I bet all of the people outside of the forum must be wondering what the hell is going on :joy:

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a bit of an olive branch from the reporter after reflection Id say


Sounds like there has been some further dialogue between Monzo and The Times behind the scenes (which is fair enough).

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Looks like everyone sat down somewhere between Moorgate and London Bridge and sorted things out. Well balanced piece, and Hosking seems to now understand Monzo (and the other app based banks) better.

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That’s a much better article from the Times.

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Definitely a much better article. Actually factual.

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Can someone explain that photo where Tom is on a bean bag but out on the street? Looks like a really bad photoshop :thinking::joy:

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That’s a much better article. Fair, reasoned, honest and informative. No sensationalist crap, proper journalism.

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Definitely a good article. Balanced, showing the risks, honest. A++.


Financial Times Alphaville - What crowdfunding is really about discusses Monzo supporters, supporting Monzo.


Warning for @Rat_au_van - frequent overuse of the word millennials

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Thanks. I’ll skip it :grin:

Is avocado, shoreditch, pink or neon mentioned? And of course Tom’s age?


This is a really interesting article and kind of a bizarre recap of the last week of this tiny thread through the eyes of a major publication.

I do agree that being a shareholder evangelises you, however I’m not sure that’s the only thing at play (the vast majority of those in support of Monzo were not shareholders). Shares or not it did feel like a nasty hatchet job - a rotten rag unfairly picking on one the the few shooting stars of U.K. tech to score a few cheap clicks.

I don’t like Revolut’s product or culture and I’m not a shareholder but I’d speak out to support them if someone wrote something vile about them which I knew was sensationalist garbage.

Setting the record straight on our crowdfunding round
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Thank you @Dannytc, so glad to have been able to see it after all :blush: Excellent interview @tom :grinning: Wonderful morals and values! Onward and upward for Monzo :rocket:

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Something tells me that’s not Tom:


I thought that Tom wild be the type of man who would capitalise his name. But then I looked at his username on here. :man_shrugging:

(Edit: I also suspect that he knows how to judiciously deploy a question mark).

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Whoever it is I agree - Monzo isn’t just a price comparison site

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Moving on - something more positive: