Monzo in the media

Its all about the experience at the end of the day

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Yes, I’d say so.

Customer service scores aren’t based just on wait times. It really depends on the issue and how much of a blocker it is. Even with longer wait times, we still receive high feedback scores once the issue has been solved, provided it’s been handled well. We also offer support on Twitter and via the phone, and although we certainly need more people doing this too, the impact is different to chat.

Finally, although we’ve now been playing catch-up for a few months, that’s relatively short term and provided we fix it within the next few months (which we are on track to do) it shouldn’t negatively affect our outside perception in the long term.


I completely agree with the points and that Customer services scores are metrics made up of various data points.
But I would argue that its naive to think that it shouldn’t affect the perception in the long run and even if it does. I’m sure Monzo can turn it around( If EE can turn round their customer service anyone can) :slight_smile:

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By the end of next week hopefully there will be an extra £20,000,000 in the bank (pardon the pun) to get more COps in place :slight_smile:

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Tom will be on the tv station London Live today (Sunday) at 1730. :sunglasses:

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Shame no-one will see it…

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It’s on YouTube the full interview:


London Live does my nut, they are constantly moving the camera be it on the news to this interview… slooooowwwwww pan leftttttttt sloooowwww pan righhhhttttt :rage:

Good interview though


This is great.

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Ooh, interesting interview! A few thoughts:

  • big shout out to @Dannytc again!
  • apparently Monzo have just published an update on diversity stats… Have I missed that? :eyes:
  • one of Tom’s relatives told him that turning down McKinsey would be the biggest mistake he ever made. (If only any of his relatives were on here to confirm or deny :wink:)
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nowt to do with me , but I think I do remember some parts of the conversation :slight_smile:


In different news, Tristan’s been chatting to the 11FS folk:

Media offensive at the moment


I find some segments of the media offensive a lot of the time.

Oh… you meant…

Never mind :flushed:


Cooler heads are (largely) prevailing at the Times. Get past the first few paragraphs and this is a balanced, interesting, read:

(Sorry this is behind a pay wall - sign up and you’ll get a few free articles a week. If not, hopefully a subscriber will be along with a link that lets us read for free :crossed_fingers:)


I was signed up until they printed the original story


Here’s a subscriber shared link to it, agree it’s a much more reasoned article this time


I think thats a very fair article , without doubt Monzo is an investment gamble