Monzo in the media

All the Fintechs mentioned here but plenty on Monzo:


Quite a positive story for monzo


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I think you mean quite a positive story for the Telegraph :rofl:

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Yeah, it’s normally very tabloid in nature. Short on facts but much spin

It seems to be very poorly researched as well - it completely misses the point of why Monzo offers it, and why Monzo doesn’t charge for it. Monzo’s service is hugely distinct from the other services described. If you were being cynical you could say they just wanted to put Monzo in a headline.


Here’s a story of a different kind, reporting the depature of co-founder Paul Rippon for pastures new (literally!)

I have to admit, it sounds like an idyllic lifestyle to aspire to :heart_eyes:

It’s also been free at Santander for years, and, while it’s nice to have, its actual value is very small.

Under the previous overdraft charges it could have been worth £0.50 per pay period so in theory up to £26 a year if paid weekly and always overdrawn

Which will be much lower now, and so not really worth paying for if it can be found elsewhere for free.

Or an extra days interest :man_shrugging:

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That’s all’s I could think of when I read this article haha



Monzo (employee) in the media:

Thought the name seems familiar as I read the name on the Telegraph version of the story

Personally I am a fan of Samuel Smith’s pubs, but apparently mileage varies

This is a bit of a weird one. I completely agree that it’s a stupid and potentially discriminatory policy, but at the same time, if you didn’t like it, leave? Not sure…

Sounds like a good pub and I personally don’t see anything wrong with it.

I read both sides of the argument and for emergency situations you’d just pop outside, which I’d do anyway so that I could hear better. Even the OP said all her reasons for using her phone that evening weren’t necessary.

I also find it a little bizarre that they only go in once a year and are kicking up this much fuss about it :confused: If it was that bad I simply wouldn’t go back next year. I would not try and make them change their policy for everyone else who frequents the pub and no doubt enjoys it.


It’s clearly sign-posted that it’s a digital free pub & they kick off at being told to stick to the rules.

I’d hope if they saw no smoking signs, and started smoking they’d get told off too…

I find it very bizarre that it’s (a) in the news (b) someone kicked off that much about it.


Search Humphrey Smith. All the pensions stuff in 2018 was mad

I think he personally has it against swearing and phones, but the pub managers are a bit more realistic, shall we say, given they’re the ones who have to make the money :joy:

The pub managers are going to be the same, unfortunately, because Mr Smith is known to do his own ‘secret shopping’ (as it were) and summarily fire people who don’t enforce the policies correctly.

They’re decent pubs, typically more affordable than others in London, but the owner is batshit crazy. Last time I was in one of his pubs must have been before the mobile ban as I wasn’t asked to leave then. Certainly would be now if I went in again. Ach.

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