Monzo in the media

I’m intrigued what sort of ‘interesting’ things you think they could be doing with insurance? I’m not hugely knowledgeable about insurance

I’m not entirely sure where best to drop this. This topic seems appropriate, but feel free to move this.

Just spotted this on Twitter*:

*yes i know, no.

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I was just saying the exact same thing yesterday

Contact customer service for 4 mins 45 seconds? That’s £3.11 of cost.

That explains the state of support then.

This then allowed us to calculate profit-and-loss for every single customer, across all 8 million customers.

We could also roll it up into cohorts - show me the bottom 10% of loss-making customers

Cue conspiracy theories about account closures for non-profitable customers.


Perhaps have better trained, more knowledgeable support who read and answer the actual question, so that interactions take less time overall.

Monzo card in today’s Taskmaster episode, referred to as a “credit card”

Not really in the media as such but was watching taskmaster this evening and

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One :point_up:


Following news of a likely Capital G investment, which puts monzo at a £4bn valuation, will they be offering crowd investors an exit opportunity via secondaries?

News story here:

‘More than 4bn’ so i was hoping higher… maybe I’m being aspirational. It would be a great exit opportunity, especially as Crowdcube just acquired Semper, the secondary platform. Although I think I’d be tempted to hold for longer, or part-sell


So a million new customers every 4 months?

Much of the same, but worth a read nonetheless. Worth following this guy on LinkedIn, he posts good fintech content from all over the world

Anyone have a subscription to read this article and share the gist of it with everyone? It is basically “after 3 years of negotiations Post Office can reveal that Monzo dot dot dot PAYWALL” :hot_face:


It’s easy to infer because @fernandofanton who confirmed check imaging (which we now know is happening in the new year) was back on the cards also confirmed post office deposits at the same time.

The usual bypasses don’t work. Seems like you need to be a remember to get the proper article at all.