Monzo in the media

There is no chance in hell Starling just ask everyone and yet organically end up with a 4.97/5 rating over about 20000 reviews.

Something very dodgy about their score.

Their marketing speaks for itself honestly.

It’s not a popularity contest, so it doesn’t much matter when it comes to determining their rating.

They have a system here designed to shield against that so it’s not just the bank with the most customers voting winning all the awards.

I don’t recall them ever asking me, but if they did, I’d certainly give them a higher score than Monzo (and an equal score to every other bank I use). Starling, from a pure banking perspective, is a better bank for my needs than Monzo.

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What a load of drivel.


Care to elaborate why you think so?

All banks make it easy to borrow don’t they? Isn’t that the point?

Got a credit score? Here, take this!

A point that is clearly stated and explained in the article…

I’ll admit, I didn’t read, just commenting from the outside :joy:

“ But Monzo is a bank built on making it easier for customers to save and to budget. And now it’s effectively saying don’t worry about any of that, just get a loan.”

Eye roll.

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Clickbait rubbish with zero point other than to get clicks because the page is filled with ads.


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Man getting married wants flowers.

Took a Monzo loan because it was simple and quick.

Flowers made it a day to remember.

Writer compared other banks and found similar pricing and results.

The end.


Are they really? Or are they just being a bank and advertising their products in a normal way.

One bank keeps sending me letters about the latest 0% balance transfer offers on their credit card, is that pushing easy borrowing?

What’s the alternative for Monzo? Develop a product and then… not tell anyone about it ever?

There’s an option in the app to turn off lending promotion, which is a pretty bad move to make if you’re trying to push easy borrowing on your customers - but a great move if you’re trying to be responsible. There is perhaps an argument for making this switch easier to find, but that’s a very different issue.

Oh - and my personal experience? I once went to my Hugh street bank enquiring about a small loan so I could buy a car. They tried to push a massive loan on me because “It has a lower APR so it’s cheaper”. That was predatory. Monzo have done nothing like that to me.



Apart from the obvious auto-correct thingy, I agree entirely about the non-predatory marketing going on here.


Anything from Metro needs putting directly into the bin :sweat_smile:

from the Metro article:

"And if I’d carried on the money would have been in my account in minutes. It was too easy.

A slower application or longer wait for the money could make you question whether you actually need it."

If they had actually taken out a loan before writing an article about Monzo loans or asked someone who has done (ie. if they had done any research other than reading a marketing email) they would have found out that Monzo loans are completely frictionless and they could just pay it back 5 minutes after taking the loan out or 5 days, weeks, months or years later and only pay interest accrued, not early exit fees etc on top as nearly every high street bank seems to charge to create friction and customer inertia.


Agreed, the premise of the article if you simplify the lending process you’re promoting irresponsible borrowing - the article also frames customers as impulsive -it’s ridiculous

I like how Monzo advertise financial services - up front eligibility, interest rates and cost f borrowing , everything you need to make an informed choice.

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Cheesy advert incoming :face_with_monocle: