Monzo in the media

Looks like your former colleauge doesn’t agree:

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Totally, mine was falling apart so I ordered a new one but at £45 I opted for hot coral. Doesn’t seem reasonable tbh.

Metal card? What happened to it?!

(If you’re comfortable posting photos, please do).

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Good analysis and industry commentary on the current BNPL gold rush


I barely count as a millennial, and would not claim to be able to talk for a wide grouping, but I am calling Shenanigans on this bit:

We know that millennials … prefer to use buy now, pay later as this can help them quickly improve their credit score.

I am pretty certain that improving their “credit score” comes way below affordability and immediacy for most, which is absolute fine and understandable, as it is my use case too

And who the heck are Payl8r? Pretty bold of a company I have never even heard mentioned before to talk for a generation


Sorry, briefly a bit off topic

Well I could not resist having a quite look on Google:

That headline certainly piqued my interest. How could I not have heard of a new FinTech unicorn that has been around since 2016??

And then we get to this bit:

To capitalise on the market, Manchester-based Payl8r has secured £40 million from Conister Bank, to become a £1 billion fintech business within five years.

Lolz. I might aim to become a unicorn in five years too


You’ve seriously never heard of payl8r before?!

Me neither.


More Flex commentary: