Monzo in the media

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In the running for “why is this even an article” award:

(I suppose legal folk might be interested?)

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Gawd, Tom seems to have aged a bit in that sketch :wink:

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I am a “legal folk” and still think that this is one of the most pointless articles ever created :joy::joy:

“This Team did this with this Company” - A Journalist Tour de force like I have never seen


AWS ads on Facebook…


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Not even a mention of being a millennial :slight_smile:
On a more serious note a good article showing Monzo in a very positive light


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Hmm while good advertising, I don’t think it was Monzo’s algorhythms that prevented this - just not having enough money in the account/it being frozen/them not having a PIN would be the answer.


Monzo’s algorithm froze their card for them after the attempted transaction at Cafe Verona.

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Automatically? That’s pretty awesome if so.

But they didn’t have enough funds anyway so it couldn’t have gone through.

Is there a number of unsuccessful entry of PIN’s required to automatically freeze?

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If you look at the screenshot the app asked it to verify he had tried to make the transaction. The transaction that triggered that was £150 so had funds to cover it



I’ve had Monzo freeze my card automatically when the free trial from a subscription I forgot to cancel ended and the company in question tried to charge my card using a CPA.

I think the algorithm froze my card because the company was American and tried to take a CPA in dollars. Luckily, it gave me time to call the company and cancel my subscription.


From memory, after a certain number of incorrect PIN entries, your card gets automatically blocked (instead of frozen) just like a card from any other bank. You then need to talk to customer support to get a new card or change your PIN and unblock your old card.

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Yeah I didn’t read that carefully. I did now and it’s even better than I thought :slight_smile:

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Disappointing, eh?

As a 60-year-old who voted remain, went on a march, and has a Monzo account, I guess I’m a millennial member of the metropolitan liberal elite! Lucky me. :joy:

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On LBC today they referred to this subset of the populace as having Millennial liberal mindsets and sympathies.

I hate that everyone has to fit into a box.

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The issue with modern day, I can’t even have a derogatory title to myself :joy::joy::rofl: