Monzo in the media

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Aha, I did this last weekend, they spotted my tweet to Tom and wanted a 1 year catch up!


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This topic in Monzo’s customer forum last week kick-started pages of debate: “Will Monzo survive?”


On the Monzo forum, the debate continues to rage. Fans stick by the firm despite negative press. One loyal customer, optimistic about its chances, has embedded a video of Gloria Gaynor singing I Will Survive .

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Seems strange that they use people “chatting” as a source for an article.


Well, when someone is desperate, he will literally use anything to put together a piece. He was bashing Revolut months ago and, sadly, he switched to Monzo now.

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Its a shame, he seems to have turned into someone who just reports on vague gossip rather than any sort of investigative journalism.


Of course, as @Rat_au_van hinted at over on the other thread, it is maybe a little unwise for newspapers to glory in the potential issues at a business. Tick tock boys, tick tock

Especially when they haven’t researched it properly. There are several obvious errors that 5 minutes fact checking would have spotted

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Probably no one left to do fact checking, even if they cared

I hear the Daily Express is already down to a couple of dozen staff (not that it shows! :rofl:) and that they are the worst off, but few are doing well

James Cook used to write solid pieces when he wrote for Business Insider (also writing about fintech), but at the Telegraph he is dropping some absolute stinkers (both positive and negative tbh) with huge click bait headlines backed up with forum quotes and opinions as sources.

I suspect from the difference in quality that he and the other fintech journos are being heavily edited and whatever they write is being spun into the rag’s current narrative ie. anything that will get clicked on or talked about (as we are vindicating here with all these posts).

Now that billionaires seeking political influence are dropping their ‘holdings’ in tabloids like hot potatoes it won’t be long until they go bust and these fintech journalists can once again be free to write the truth.



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Especially when it’s the Telegraph, when just the other day…


This is from MSN so will be in the start menu’s and homepages of many Windows users today/tomorrow no doubt.

Yeah, that rather proves the point doesn’t it. More smoke with no new fire. It’s interesting to watch this spread but, as with the internet as a whole, it’s pretty much people reporting each other’s opinions with no ability to (dis)prove what they’re saying.

That reminded me to set up a subscription DD for The Guardian just now. One of the few newspapers actually doing okay financially owing to their fab website, no paywall, but some money would be nice approach

A few years ago now, but probably no less relevant:

Maybe it cannot be expected that a Daily Telegraph so in hock to HSBC (or a BBC so intertwined with them) will be giving Monzo glowing coverage

**Caveat: Not an implication of any impropriety - just speculating


Is there any truth about the article in the Telegraph about MONZOs survival and growing to fast or is it just media hype.