Monzo in the media

Odd thing about the table - include what you get if “don’t meet criteria” and have plus… Which is one of the criteria…

I know this came from the blog post directly, just stood out to me.

few ex Monzo staff details + ex Revolut staff - what they are up to


There are serious business game-changing talents there - hopefully all successful. Best of luck :crossed_fingers:

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Some serious City Road navel-gazing going on there.


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I’ve no doubt Monzo have put some effort into this area with the establishment of the Vulnerable Customers Team, but this reads as a puff piece for Monzo with the other banks efforts only mentioned toward the end of the article and no mention of the difficulty many have with finding chat and contacting Monzo at the moment. :man_shrugging:

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Apologies, didn’t see it… I should have searched better :slight_smile:

Edit… Deleted the link now to avoid duplication

Cannot be having any positivity on here!


Of course there can be positivity, but that doesn’t mean news has be overly positive while ignoring the efforts of others. There is absolutely a way for the same article to be written in a balanced manner while holding up the Vulnerable Customers Team as an example for the industry.


Sorry. Are we not allowed to share our opinions and critiques of the news articles shared here without such retorts when the opinion goes against the grain of the desired narrative?

The news article is positive, that’s positivity. It highlights and draws publicity to a very good and positive thing that Monzo do. But, as @admdly rightly points out, the article overlooks certain flaws in the availability of Monzo’s support. What use is the code word if it’s going to be read 6 hours too late and potentially be misunderstood by the front line agent that receives it. Monzo are doing a lot good here, but they’re also very constrained in their ability to offer timely help right now, and that’s something important readers should be aware of before coming to rely on it. Other banks are trying to do a lot of good in this area too, and they deserve just as much publicity and attention so users of those banks are better aware that the functionality exists with them too.


This is a bad take and you should feel bad.

Why bring whataboutery into this by presuming incompetence on the part of COps? Why mention ‘other banks trying to do good in the area’ when the article itself already mentions other banks and how they compare to Monzo (and concludes they compare unfavourably at that).

By all means, criticise Monzo when they get something wrong (and goodness knows, I do). But it seems remarkably perverse to continue shitting on them when they get something right.



Leslie struggled to find a safe way to inform the bank of what was happening. “I asked why they didn’t notice that every month for years, the only person who had been putting money in was me but they allowed him to take out a lump payment of several thousand pounds?”

I find this a bizarre thing to complain about with any bank. Across the country there will be hundreds of thousands of households where one person works and the others person looks after children. Should they challenge every single one?


Why presume my opinion is formed on the basis of presumptions? :roll_eyes:

We’ve seen a level of incompetence highlighted here recently. The vast majority of my interactions over the last 24 months (the basis of my opinion) have been misunderstood and not handled appropriately, and the replies were much longer than 6 hours apart.

I think you just answered your own question there. I mention them because they are mentioned briefly in the article.

That’s not what I’m doing, but you already know that. Or did you miss the part where I praised their effort? It’s well known and documented here, that customer support isn’t great right now, which can and will impact the effectiveness of the code word function. That was my only point that you could possibly construe as criticism of Monzo.

There’s one aspect of your comment that I didn’t touch upon in my initial reply to you because it brought up a bad memory from my past and left me feeling very uneasy, but I feel it’s too important not to address now.

Ok. Why? Choose your words. Telling someone to feel bad because of their opinion on a matter that is subjective has the power to potentially end a life. Please do better.


The other banks are mentioned briefly at the end and it is simply stated that they don’t have the same technical measures. I don’t see any specific comparison with the Lloyds Domestic and Financial Abuse Team, for example, as there is no mention of a case handled by these. From this article we have no idea how they compare in practice beyond Monzo offering additional ‘technical measures’.

In addition, the intent was never to put Monzo down but instead to question the objectivity of the article. As I mentioned, there is a way for this article to be written that is just as positive toward Monzo and upholds their efforts as exceptional without the obvious bias and minimising others efforts.


That is pretty all that seems to happen these days

The first positive news article for a while and it is still being ripped apart

It would be OK for the forum to be a happy place for an hour or so maybe

I wonder how the response times have been affected by the recent changes in hours for COps

You’re hanging out in the wrong threads, my friend. I don’t know what else to say. I’ve taken part in plenty of Monzo related discussions recently that are mostly positive. Though I’ll admit, a lot of the recent stuff coming out of Monzo is pessimistic that long-time customers aren’t happy about, as @simonb predicted. However this is the internet. There’s always going to be someone with something negative to say.

I don’t think it’s being ripped apart at all. The news article is positive! And I’m sure for most people, their reaction to it is a positive one (just look at how many likes Dunsford’s post got). Just because a few people have a criticism about the article, doesn’t mean they’re critical of what Monzo is doing here to help people.

Monzo are doing a very good thing, and they’re leading the industry in this stuff. It deserves to be praised, and it has been.

I think a few of us would have just preferred a more balanced and fair article when comparing to the other banks, and how the recent support problems might impact Monzo’s ability to help.


Maybe so. Find it all quite draining at times. Might stick to just updates to the Android teardown thread :wink:


The last one in there isn’t very good :rofl:

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