Monzo in the media

It’s the same for me on iOS

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snippets on Dozens , Revolut , Monzo where to post ? :man_shrugging:


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I’ve just moved a bunch of posts about Monzo’s annual report to the dedicated thread.

Let’s keep conversation about the annual report over there - even if it involves a media article.


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Y’all just trolling me now :man_facepalming:

(Have moved a few more posts about annual report news articles over to that thread).

latest “Monzo is going bust” article …despite having £175M reserves …interesting that they are reporting a further £40M funding round

edit - sorry didnt realise this had already been posted by @SouthseaOne on the Annual report thread

Do the Times just publish the same article every day?


Judging from the tone, I don’t know why this Opinion piece was published

or how they could proof read and not query the 50% off in customer numbers …

Well, it’s an opinion, the same as everything written on this forum. Perhaps the contributors here shouldn’t bother either?

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Never a worry, good sir

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The difference is that none of us contributors here are being presented as someone from a position of authority, though.

For what it’s worth, I looked up the guy from his byline - “Josh Williams is Managing Director of The Draft”

Turns out that The Draft is “a writing and rhetoric firm founded with former No 10 chief speechwriter, Philip Collins.”

What this says to me is “Josh Williams is a professional shit stirrer.” :thinking:


He did better work in Genesis


That comment deserved a drumroll intro.


‘better’ and Genesis do not belong in the same sentence. Ever.

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