🇹🇭 Monzo in Thailand [Discussion]

If you’re going to Malaysia, just find an ATM immediately after entering Malaysia. There is at least one or two Maybank ATMs at KL International Airport for every terminal within the airside zone. It does not charge for withdrawals using Monzo, hence 0%. There’s a catch though: Be careful of the DCC offered on the ATM screen!

For more info on Monzo in Malaysia, you can have a look here: 🇲🇾 Monzo in Malaysia [Wiki]

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So when buying using monzo card I ask to pay on local currency right?

Yes, you should try to pay with local currency it as much as you can. DCC can also be applied when buying things in shops/restaurants. After you request to pay in local currency, you should always check amount and acronym for currency on the screen, when you’re entering your pin.

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As @Avishai said, this can also appear on POS terminals as well as ATM, so always check currency and amount when entering the PIN

Yes. Actually this is what is supposed to happen if you are not asked. The
problem is that not all Thai people speak English. They just assume that
you want to use your own currency and some p.o.s. machines are set like
this by the provider. Just say Thai baht when you hand over your card and
check the receipt before you sign.

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I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I’m seeing recent Citibank ATM reviews which say they are no longer free.

Just arrived in Thailand. I tried to withdraw 20k BAHT from an ATM but it was declined. I then requested 10k which was successful. I thought we could withdraw more. Is this the Monzo card or the ATM?

I withdrew 10k BAHTva couple of hours ago from an ATM and was charged 220 BAHT. Can’t remember the ATM but it was blue. I can find out later if anyone’s interested.

My card is not working in ATMs in Thailand! I’ve tried 3 different ones and I’m out of money so I’m in trouble! I have paid on card ok at a restaurant. ATMs just say transaction error or communication error.

I have selected it as a credit card when it asks, is this Correct? Or should I be saying current account?

Please help,


Do you need to enable the magstripe? (The app has a switch)

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I did try it on am ATM that had chip and pin enabled but I can try this. I get given the option to withdraw from savings account, current account or credit card.


Pre paid card ? - have you reached your limits on ATM withdrawals - on iPhone - ‘card’ - ‘settings’ - ‘spending and top up limits’

There isn’t a choice for pre-paid card unfortunately and I can’t of gone over the limit as I haven’t withdrawn any successfully. So strange!

Thanks for the idea

prepaid card - has ATM limits on a rolling 30 day timescale - doesnt matter what Country you’re in

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I’ve never withdrawn money from the card though, I’ve only used it in shops back home weeks ago… Does the 30 day rolling mean I can’t withdraw more than 250 over 30 days?!

Sorry if I misinterpreted that bit.

Ah, try enabling magstripe withdrawls in settings. If that doesn’t work message in app chat and they should be able to help you out :slight_smile:


no, it has a daily limit , a 30 day rolling limit and a yearly limit - all differing amounts i.e. £250 daily or £1000 on a 30 day rolling limit or £5000 yearly - these figures are made up as an example only

How do I find the app chat? Sorry I’m struggling to find it

Found it thank you so much

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Cool - hope you get it sorted! :slight_smile: Let us know what happens :+1: