Monzo in talks to raise 300M at a £3 Billion Valuation

I think their duty of care is really just to make sure the information isn’t falsified. Other than that it’s investors own decisions and risks. Anyone expecting Crowdcube to shield them from bad pitches or poor investment opportunities is expecting way too much.


No, sadly not! We took that website down as it’s very out-dated and we have a newer internal tool for this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I was hoping for a sneaky view of share price - are we due an update?

On the share price? You will see it when the valuation is complete I guess? To be honest, it’s still in the works and not even Monzonauts know what it’ll be :slight_smile:


But you’ll drop it here when you do find out? :wink::wink:


I tried to ask politely to get clarification and got a steaming hot pile of nothing but obfuscation.


You heard it here… First? (Again)


yo good news i am trying to open source the options app so y’all can use it if u wish :))))))


You were emailed by the same person who was replying on the thread about the change of terms. Customer support.

Crowdcube have just levied a 3.99% fee on sale proceeds of 2017 Grind & Co investors who are selling a portion of their shares to a large investor.

Hannah’s reply feels disingenuous in light of this. There could be no “success fee” but it could be a fee in any other name if they are brokering the deal and decide to dip their hands in the till, which let’s face it, they are going to try to do on any multi bagger, let alone 100 bagger share.


What the ****?!

Surely someone an Monzo should know about this if that’s what they’re doing and clearly intend to do to Monzo crowdfunders?

It looks like CrowdCube are planning another crowdfunding round. Apparently, their share price has rise. By 57% since their last crowdfunding round in 2018.

Looks like the “official” news is out.

$500m at a $4.5bn valuation

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We’ve posted some info over here.