🇪🇸 Monzo in Spain [Discussion]

Did you try this?

Wise charges for exchanging GBP to EUR so it’s cheaper doing Monzo to Revolut GBP, convert to Revolut EUR then send to Bankera.

Wise and Revolut are both issued in the UK so although both have EU IBANs, for the free withdrawals you need to do the ATM withdrawals from Bankera.

I don’t think so. Definitely worth a try next time.

Makes sense. On that €10 amount that i needed, the Wise fee would only have been 4 pence, so I’d be fine with that.

Something I just spotted with Bankera: they have a €5 fee if the account is inactive for a year.

Unicaja was definitely free in October last time I used it.

There were plenty of opportunities to accept DCC, though, and DCC would have been much more expensive.

I should’ve just checked the forum when I was desperately running from bank to bank :rofl:

Great to know, thank you!

And yeah, DCC at every ATM and i think almost every POS (though 90% of staff just pressed EUR without asking because they know it’s a scam).

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Easily avoided. Just transfer some money in and then out if you’re not using it on holiday one year.

Depends how much you’re exchanging via Wise. I have It too but find Revolut saves a fair bit if you’re transferring £1000 or more for a holiday. That said, the interest pots in Wise are handy for saving cash in Euros.

Another plus point of Bankera is that it’s a genuine Euro card so no DCC offered in the Eurozone.


Was in Gran Canaria, and Banch March were fee free for UK cards. They were only ones we found

Santander wanted 7€ and Caja Rural (and some other Caja named banks that looked like they were affiliated) wanted 5€

According to the wiki page on here about Spain, ING do free withdrawals. However lots of the “ING” ATMs in Gran Canaria were actually being run by Euronet (and so would charge and scam you)

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