Monzo in Palestine 🇵🇸

Does anyone have any travel tips and advice on using Monzo in Palestine? Despite the State of Palestine having international recognition does it use the Isræli currency?

I was in Palestine and Israel in January 2017 and found that the places that accept card transactions (debit or credit) to be very limited, other than large hotels. I visited Jericho and Bethlehem (both in the West Bank) and paid for everything in Israeli shekels in cash. The ATMs I used gave me a choice of withdrawing in either Israeli shekels or Jordanian dinars.


I was just in Bethlehem. In Manger Square there are 2 ATMs. One is at the Cairo and Amman Bank. It only dispenses JOD.

The other is a standalone ATM and dispenses ILS. It charged me 1 ILS (around 22p) for a 50 ILS withdrawal. There was no DCC.

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