🇵🇰 Monzo in Pakistan

Standard Chartered on the other hand is still charging PKR 500 per transaction and you’re given a clear heads-up on the ATM before anything goes through (unlike MCB).

I think you’ll be directed to Transferwise by those in the know.

You cannot pay direct from Monzo to a foreign account.

Just to let everyone know Monzo is working fine for me in Pakistan. So far managing payments with my card with no problem.

Used Monzo card (Premium account) in Pakistan today. It worked in Bank Al-Falah ATM but they charged me extra Rs. 650 (nearly £2.5). Maybe other bank ATMs would have different charges. Same with Transfer Wise card. So even with their good rates and no markup fees in my view it isn’t worth using these cards in Pakistan. Keep a local Pak Rs. account and transfer money to it. Their transaction charge per transaction is Rs 18. Big difference. Also The max you can withdraw is just Rs. 20000 (around £82). Not worth it until you are in an emergency.

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Not always easy for foreigners to open bank accounts abroad…

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So I was there again last month.
Couldn’t withdraw cash from ATM using Wise card either. Transactions in shops were fine with card.

I have a local HBL account but they had temporarily suspended that as I hadn’t used it for some time. Had to branch to get it reactivated. They want a signature matching specimen exactly. Takes 2-3 days

Using HBL debit card in ATMs other than there’s charge 23.44 Rs which seems to be standard as it’s the same with Meezan charges too