Monzo in Macedonia 🇲🇰


Hi, anyone know of any issues with Monzo in Macedonia (FYRM)?



I’ll answer my own question now. It works fine.

(Kat) #3

Great to hear! Have you tested it at any of the Skopje airport ATMs? Flying there next week and wondering if I’ll need to exchange cash.


Didn’t use it at the airport, but it worked everywhere else.

(Maria) #5

No problems here either, with ATMs or shops - though we came in & left by bus.
If you’re checking out Matka, take cash as the boats don’t take card.

(Chinedu Umeh) #6

Just to add to this thread.

I’m currently in Macedonia. Monzo works in the restaurants and shops that accept card, Apple Pay works too although some staff are unfamiliar with it so you may get strange looks but just wave your phone towards the terminal and let the magic happen.

Some places eg taxi’s, some smaller shops, boat trips etc don’t take card. ATMs work, some try to offer currency conversion, obviously say no to this and let monzo do its thing.

Hope this helps someone!