🇱🇺 Monzo in Luxembourg [Discussion]

Looks like I’m about to answer my own question again as I’ve just come back from the trip :joy: so hopefully this will be useful for anyone looking to go!

So my verdict is… it’s almost possible to go completely cashless, as pretty much 99% of places I went to accept Mastercard, so I had no problem paying with my Monzo card. In most cases, it was via contactless too, and in some places where their machine didn’t support contactless, chip and PIN worked flawlessly.

Having said that, if you are planning to visit Vianden castle, sadly they have a €7 spending limit in the cafe, so that was the one occasion where I had to spend physical :euro: :sob: The other occasion was for paying :beers: in an annual festival which I found from sheer luck of being there at the right time. Take this as an insider tip there for you Monzonauts - if you enjoy music and discovering musicians that are off the charts, go to Luxembourg at around mid August :wink: