🇱🇺 Monzo in Luxembourg [Discussion]

Has anybody used their Monzo card in Luxembourg yet?

Tried using it this afternoon at a restaurant but it was rejected twice. I haven’t tried using it anywhere else yet.

I haven’t unfortunately. But this -

could be due to the issues that Monzo’s card issuer was having earlier today :grimacing:

You can check Monzo’s status here (& subscribe to receive notifications via text if there are any issues, on that page) or in the app.

Thanks hadn’t even noticed that. Maybe that was why it didn’t work. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was the restaurant’s machine either.

I’ll keep trying!

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Just for reference in case anybody is going to Luxembourg.
My card being declined seemed to have been due to the technical issues at the time or the rather old-looking card machine in the restaurant.
I only used my card twice afterwards, which worked without problem.

Just so you know, despite most terminals being contactless enabled, only a few cards seem to be and therefore contactless is not widely used in Luxembourg. Despite that, I did a contacless transaction at the airport which worked.


Thanks, I’m going today

Visited Luxembourg for a weekend earlier this month, and had no issues using Monzo. Card was accepted everywhere I went (including in Taxis), and Contactless/Android Pay worked in the majority of places. The card machines used there tend to have contactless readers located on the side, which I hadn’t noticed at first.
Didn’t have to use cash once!

We have a BP garage in Chelmsford with the contactless reader located on the side of their card machine

I know it’s been a while since this thread had some input… but what are people’s opinions of going cashless in Luxembourg? Is it impossible as some smaller shops might still want cash?

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Looks like I’m about to answer my own question again as I’ve just come back from the trip :joy: so hopefully this will be useful for anyone looking to go!

So my verdict is… it’s almost possible to go completely cashless, as pretty much 99% of places I went to accept Mastercard, so I had no problem paying with my Monzo card. In most cases, it was via contactless too, and in some places where their machine didn’t support contactless, chip and PIN worked flawlessly.

Having said that, if you are planning to visit Vianden castle, sadly they have a €7 spending limit in the cafe, so that was the one occasion where I had to spend physical :euro: :sob: The other occasion was for paying :beers: in an annual festival which I found from sheer luck of being there at the right time. Take this as an insider tip there for you Monzonauts - if you enjoy music and discovering musicians that are off the charts, go to Luxembourg at around mid August :wink:


I will be travelling to Luxembourg in the coming week and I was wondering if I can use my Monzo card to make purchases. I have heard most terminals use the contactless method for payment which Monzo supports, so I guess it should work? Thanks!

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You shouldn’t have a problem, but it’s always best to have a backup card

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I visited last month with no issues in any place at all.

Plus the public transport was free :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2: