🇱🇺 Monzo in Luxembourg [Discussion]

(Jay) #1

Has anybody used their Monzo card in Luxembourg yet?

Tried using it this afternoon at a restaurant but it was rejected twice. I haven’t tried using it anywhere else yet.

Travelling with Monzo: Europe
(Alex Sherwood) #2

I haven’t unfortunately. But this -

could be due to the issues that Monzo’s card issuer was having earlier today :grimacing:

You can check Monzo’s status here (& subscribe to receive notifications via text if there are any issues, on that page) or in the app.

(Jay) #3

Thanks hadn’t even noticed that. Maybe that was why it didn’t work. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was the restaurant’s machine either.

I’ll keep trying!

(Jay) #4

Just for reference in case anybody is going to Luxembourg.
My card being declined seemed to have been due to the technical issues at the time or the rather old-looking card machine in the restaurant.
I only used my card twice afterwards, which worked without problem.

Just so you know, despite most terminals being contactless enabled, only a few cards seem to be and therefore contactless is not widely used in Luxembourg. Despite that, I did a contacless transaction at the airport which worked.

(Thomas Welton) #5

Thanks, I’m going today

(Adam) #6

Visited Luxembourg for a weekend earlier this month, and had no issues using Monzo. Card was accepted everywhere I went (including in Taxis), and Contactless/Android Pay worked in the majority of places. The card machines used there tend to have contactless readers located on the side, which I hadn’t noticed at first.
Didn’t have to use cash once!


We have a BP garage in Chelmsford with the contactless reader located on the side of their card machine


I know it’s been a while since this thread had some input… but what are people’s opinions of going cashless in Luxembourg? Is it impossible as some smaller shops might still want cash?