🇮🇹 Monzo in Italy [Discussion]

(James) #21

In Sorrento, Herculaneum, Pompeii, and the surrounding area most places accept card payments, but there are some smaller shops and restaurants that do not.


Anyone have experience of using card in Pisa? R-


Anyone know which Italian banks dispense fee free Euros? Will be in Pisa area. R-


Partway through trip to Pisa, all going well. Taxis and most major bars and restaurants take the card no problem. Next is to find an ATM although I don’t need any it is worth a test. R-

(Aaron) #25

I’ve used Monzo in lots of places in Italy Rome, Naples, Pisa, Florence, Venice & Turin… no real issues at all! Have fun :+1:t2:


Yup - confirm no real issues. As far as ATM’s are concerned I would just advise caution. I wouldn’t for instance use an ATM near or in a main railway station. Be aware of who is around you and watching what you are doing. Same as any country really. R-