🇮🇱 Monzo in Israel [Discussion]

Thanks for your usual high standard contribution. Enjoy the weather :wink:

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Thanks, but sadly-that’s a post-trip report. Back home in London, and sick :frowning:

Get well soon.


Hey everyone,

07/06/2018 - I’m travelling to Jerusalem in July this year and I’m so excited to go! Just wondering what peoples experiences have been with using Monzo out there . Would it be easier to take it as cash or leave it on my card?

Also any interesting stories to get me pumped up would be great :slight_smile:



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Hi Toby sounds great - perhaps you might want to read the thread allocated to Monzo in Israel

  • I found it by typing in Israel at the top right hand side search function - enjoy your hols - bearing in mind some of the replies relate to the prepaid card and not the “new” current account card

Hey mate, yes I did see this one but as you mentioned, it was in relation to the old cards. Wanted to know if maybe there were any issues with the new ones not being pre-paid etc :slight_smile:

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Hey Toby, a lot of the tips here are still relevant after the switch to the prepaid card so to keep all of the advice in one place, I’ve moved your post here, I hope that’s ok!

If anyone has had a different experience with the current accounts, please do let the community know :raised_hands: