🇫🇷 Monzo in France [Discussion]

(Eve) #63

Colmar is only 30mins away by train/ 50mins by coach so it’s worth a short visit! They also have a really high density of Michelin starred restaurants… It’s definitely worth a day trip.

I’ve taken a quote from this article:

“We chose Colmar for its geographical location, close to Germany and Switzerland, and for its cache,” explained Wang Tian, ​​chef and producer. At this time, the Lavandières bistro in Colmar was converted into a gourmet Chinese restaurant.

Colmar does seem like a bit of an obscure choice though :thinking: the first season was based on a lovely beach in Thailand

(Dan) #64

Some areas of france has not adopted contactless as well as us Brits, but where contactless is available Apple Pay seems to be available with no limits. Monzo generally accepted everywhere with no problems (although some businesses do not like card payments under €10).

(Richard) #65

Just back from Paris, didn’t have any major issues. Survived with card 90% of the time. Few things though:
Contactless could be hit or miss, one min my card wouldn’t work, but my wife’s would… then vice versa

Some ATM’s point blank refused the card and would spit it back out.

Whilst other ATMs would give you their rate for GBP to euro with no option to ignore it